Friday, May 01, 2009

Likes and dislikes (hates) at this very moment in time.

Dislikes (hates):

The word "mondo", as in "I have a mondo headache," "The Cheesecake Factory has a ridiculously mondo menu," and "I now have a mondo craving for waffles." (Just some completely random examples pulled out of thin air.)

Work. I don't want to be here right now, or ever if we get right down to it. I want my dad to pay for me for the rest of my life, and he would, too, if I wanted him to. That would make me feel like a crappy person, though, so I won't ask him that. I'll just continue to not be a fan of working. In this place. Where I am. Right this moment.

This chair. I hate this chair so much.

A guy near where I sit. He talks too much, and he loves himself A LOT (has a very self-important air). I find that unattractive (ugly). I want to kick him in the crotch.


Video clips of "Arrested Development", especially this one that pieces together various incarnations of the chicken dance as performed by the Bluth family members.

Stride spearmint gum. If I were to chomp any harder on it right now, I'd break teeth. (My dislikes/hates enhance the awesomeness of the gum. Weird.)

The ice cream sandwich I just ate.

The idea of the self-pampering day I'm going to have tomorrow. It will start off with a long bath and a facial. Then, I will meet up with friends for pedis.

Twitter. My tweeps make me laugh.

I love that my facebook page is now in the pure language of our favorite, more revered pirates, i.e., not Somali. (Thanks for bringing this language option to my attention, RC.)


At 19:55, Blogger i i eee said...

I like that your dislikes at least made you blog again.

AAaargh, it be pleasin' to me eye!

At 20:52, Blogger Rachie said...

You're a better person than I am, because if I knew my dad would pay for me I would soooo let him. A girl can dream...

That Arrested Development clip WAS. AWESOME!

At 20:59, Blogger kiki said...

Chickens don't CLAP! They don't clap.

At 00:39, Blogger Azúcar said...

Can an anonymous person pay for me? I'd take that. And then I'd do super important things that pay no money, like be cool.

At 09:56, Blogger kiki said...

Let's put out a want ad: "Two women. Need funding to do super important things that pay no money. Need two new cars for traveling from super import thing to super important thing. Also, need two houses in which to plan all super important things. Must have well-equipped kitchens." Something like that.

At 03:23, Blogger Rebecca Golden said...

On the off chance you get mail about messages...

I found an old blog of yours where you mentioned yelling “rock this bitch” at a Ben Folds concert. I’ve also done that, and am writing a piece for publication called “A People’s History of Rocking this Bitch.” Could I ask you a few questions via Skype or phone about your experience?


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