Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Domestic

Today when I got home from work, I stayed very busy doing stuff that I hate to do: I cleaned my house, washed AND FOLDED my laundry, and those are the things I hate to do. I also made these:

Homemade peppermint oreos! I was at Triple's house a few nights ago, and she had me help her make some for her work Christmas party. They were so yummy that I mentioned them at work the following day, which got me roped into making some just for kicks. I am not going to lie; these are pure, delicious evil!

Most of you know what my job is, so I'm not going to say what it is on here. But I was talking to "a client" today. I may have fallen in love with him. We had a 20-minute conversation that had nothing to do with the business at hand. He's a physicist. I told him I was a physics T.A. at my last school. He talked about his fascination with physics. I told him about the day when I fell in love with physics. He told me that most people learn by repetition but that I was a thinker, which, he said, really impressed him. We also talked about my language and linguistics background, and he noted my excitement when I talked about what I loved about it. I've been thinking about going to work tomorrow, checking my logs, and retrieving his number...just in case. Also, I need to check and see how old he is.


Thursday, December 20, 2007


I mean that I really hate driving in the snow. That roadtrip I took a few weeks ago was enough to freak me out for years. I would have cried like a baby if I didn't feel I had a rep to protect. And today, I drove to Logan to go to my Janalyn's wedding. She was my mission companion for about half of my mission. We're besties. On my way to Logan, I thought, "This is NOT the day for me to wear make-up!" Because I NEVER wear make-up, okay? I have a lot of love for Jan and I knew I would cry elephant tears of joy during her wedding. (I didn't, but they welled up. I sucked them back into my tear ducts. I'm magic.)

Anyway, so I went to Logan for her wedding, and the drive there was good. It took an hour. There was no weather to speak of. And I thought, "Maybe it won't snow." But at 4:00, a lot of snow started falling from the sky, so I headed back home because I didn't want to get caught in the canyon, and I didn't want to have to stay the night there. The canyon was awful. The entire drive was awful. I was white-knuckling it the whole way. I couldn't see anything on either side of me, which is a really weird feeling and starts to play tricks on the eyes. It took me 2-1/2 hours to get home. When I walked into my house, I was shaking uncontrollably. I wanted anyone to be in my house so I could curl up next to them and go to sleep. Instead, I filled my tub with hot water and lavender, grabbed a bowl of chips, a nearly-full bottle of apple cider, my ipod, and a bath pillow, lit a candle, and sat in the tub for over an hour. It was nice. I feel better. But I still hate driving in the snow right now.

I listened to Supreme Beings of Leisure while in the tub. I find them soothing to listen to sometimes. Keeping in mind that I'm a rock chick, tell me who else you like to listen to when you need to relax.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


(Because it's ~j.'s one Christmas wish.)

Am I right, one person who still comes here hoping that I'll post something?! I have been in Utah for MONTHS now and not a word! I am so irresponsible! But I can't help it! I've been having way too much fun! For example, since I've been here, I have created a whole new "Top Ten Best Concerts I Have Ever Been To" list. I have seen, not in this order:
Rilo Kiley
Regina Spektor
Arcade Fire
Fall Out Boy
Gym Class Heroes
Tori Amos
That's right! I saw her TWICE!

I kind of like going to concerts in case you didn't know.

Okay, picture time.

Here is one reason why I moved here:

This is the view out of my living room window of the first real snow.

I officially became OVER snow a couple weeks ago when some friends and I went on a roadtrip to see Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes in concert. It was the night we would have died if I had not gotten so freaked out that I said, "I will drive no further! I will rent us a hotel room!" We had been driving in white-out conditions at 5 mph in the middle of nowhere and the road was slick as ice because it was covered by ice. So, I love the snow because it's beautiful, but I hate driving in it right now.

A picture of some friends during that particular hotel stay during that particular roadtrip. From left to right: Zee, FFF (AKA Triple), Me. Yes, we have the same computer. Yes, we are precious!

So, as I said, I went to TWO Tori Amos concerts. As you, one person, should be aware, I might be in love with her or addicted to her or obsessed with her or almost stalking her or something. She came to Salt Lake City at the end of November, and it was one of the most amazing shows I've ever been to. She started every show of this tour as one of the characters from her latest album, American Doll Posse, because she likes concept albums or something.

In Salt Lake City, she started the show off as Pip, the doll on the far right side. Pip is very aggressive, and she has an affinity for rubber leggings.

She also enjoys rubbing weapons all over her body.

And she's quite amazing!

And then a costume change brings about Tori in an orange wig and a horrendous sequined jumpsuit. The only reason why I'm glad the tour is now over is so she can retire both of those items. I never want to see her in them again.

I loved her show here! My friends and I were dancing around, and screaming at each other when Tori started playing a favorite song of ours (every song). We were feet away from her. It was fantastic! I did feel a little rejected, however, because I wanted to meet her at the meet and greet, but her bodyguard came out to tell us that she didn't have time to do one that day. SADNESS! There were only 15 of us there, and I KNOW I would have had time to chat with her and feel all starstruck and nerdy fan junk like that. I even waited in the freezing cold with some hardcore people for a long time after the show to see if she'd come out. And she didn't. I'd missed my most awesome chance of meeting my favorite singer.

So, for weeks, I continued to read setlists from other shows, and I continued to be jealous of the people who got to see those shows because the setlists were always "My Dream Setlist". (Unlike most people, Tori changes her setlist every night, so it's always a new show, which is why her fans love to follow her around.) This past Friday, I got it in my head that I REALLY wanted to go to her final show in L.A. Plus, I'd never been to L.A. I looked up plane tickets, and they were shockingly "cheap" for the day before the flight I would have taken. $204! My mom did not help talk me out of it because she "was in a movie". Another acquaintance seduced me into going by her prediction of which doll would open the final show. I snatched that ticket up so fast! I went to L.A. for the final show of the tour on a whim, and it was thrilling! I was so excited and giddy! I kept texting my friends my inane babblings about how I was going to L.A. because I'm batshit crazy.

Proof I went to L.A.:

It's my duty as a good Louisiana girl to take a picture of Brit-Brit's star no matter how screwed up she is or how pregnant her 16-year-old sister may be.

Also, Sweaty Elvis accosted me and then sweat on me and then expected me to tip him for his accosting and his sweat.

The best thing about L.A.?

My fat face!

Tori is such a sweetheart to her fans. (Not to these obnoxious ones, though. Forward to about 2:29 for the R-rated tirade she unleashes on some girls who were being disrespectful to her. You have been warned of the R-ratedness.) She is so gracious and humbled to meet us. She listens to every story she is told no matter how vomit-inducingly cheesy or sad it may be. She laughs and cries with us. She is sincerely interested in each person she meets. I love that she takes time out of her busy days to meet her fans.

The final show was FANTASTIC! It was so full of energy. Two dolls actually opened up the show, something that occured in three of the last few shows. We saw Isabelle, the blond with the camera, first.

She smokes herbal cigarettes, apparently. Her set was gorgeous, politically-charged, and a dream for me because all of the songs were songs I'd never seen Tori play live but had always wanted to. Isabelle left after four songs. The band continued to play a mind-blowing jam, and Matt Chamberlain, the drummer, was SICK on those drums. Some of the most amazing drumming I have ever seen! After a couple minutes, Pip came out for another ass-kicking, angry set. I LOVE this doll because she's so crazy. She does one-armed push-ups, she flips off the crowd, she growls, she drools (foams?) all over the piano, she is a piece of awesome work! Pip played five songs and left, after which Tori came out for her final jumpsuit-and-orange-wig-wearing set of her life (knock on wood). She was full of energy and nostalgia for her final show of the tour. It was a really great show, and I'm so glad that I went. I met some fun people while there, and we spent the entire day of the concert together. We are TOTAL facebook friends now! That's real love.

And finally:

Do these glasses make me look smarter?

*Most of the Tori concert pics were taken by Troy Bullocks, and I think they're awesome!