Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poetry from the TGV

I think it was Christmas 2001 that I went to France for the wedding of two friends. One of my colleagues and I were taking the TGV from Grenoble to Paris. We kind of clashed a bit because she was a little demanding, but we found an activity to entertain each other on the train that wouldn't cause me to want to smack her: crazy poetry.

These last few days, I've been going through all of my stuff because I'm moving to Salt Lake City this weekend. No big deal. And I found a paper that I wrote some of my TGV poetry on. We made up themes for each poem; I can't remember what they were, but there was some method to our madness. So without further ado, I give you Poetry from the TGV.

High-speed Train
Here I go
Fast, fast, fast
Like your mom
Through a box of doughnuts.

I love the train,
It's like lightning.
Vanilla Ice,
That punk's so frightening!

The high-speed train
Ça ne prend que des heures
Pour aller quelque part.
C'est facile comme bonjour.

The Birch
A tree
So free
From sun
From rain
Chopped down
Wood planks
Add wheels

I never said it was good poetry, but they make me laugh nonetheless. "C'est facile comme bonjour" (It's as easy as Bonjour.) is a shout-out to my favorite French professor at BYU. My colleague and I worked for her and had recently taken her phonetics course. The phrase was always fresh in our minds.

Please, be as silly as you want and leave a haiku in the comments.

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At 09:00, Blogger Rachel said...

I chuckled a bit at you referring to Devon as "a colleague." Haha! I'm glad you guys made it back without killing each other.

And I'm WICKED STOKED that you're moving to the SLC!!! Let's get together ASAP and let me know if you need anything! Can't wait to see you! Wheeeeeeee!

At 10:51, Blogger kiki said...

You know, I didn't even really think about the "coldness" of calling her a colleague. I just thought it'd be kinda funny, but then I did say that our personalities clashed. But we were very tame when we were in the company of others, and we got along very well. So listen, dear reader, I harbor no ill will for my "colleague", we just couldn't be together and alone for very long. At least, I couldn't be alone with her. I don't know if she felt the same tension.

Rachel, you didn't leave a haiku!

At 17:43, Anonymous compulsive writer said...

..."no big deal?"

Do you have any idea how excited I was when azúcar told me the news? I'm sure I'm not the only one of the blogger girls in Utah who is sooooooo excited to meet you IRL and have you joing us at the occasional blogger lunch.

Do come!

At 16:36, Blogger kiki said...

Excitement awaits us all! I am, of course, greatly anticipating meeting all of the wonderful girls (ladies, if you prefer) who write the blogs that I read.

At 16:41, Blogger Azúcar said...

I hate poetry
Not the modern stuff; it's cool
Otherwise blech, blah

At 22:06, Blogger merebuff said...

So fine, don't move to NYC. I should be in SLC at the end of October for a friend's wedding. We should get together. Here's the haiku

I am so glad that
our cities are named with cool

At 23:52, Blogger ~j. said...

Come to Provo soon!
Don't forget we have a date -
Pudding on the Rice.

At 12:15, Blogger Emily said...

not a real haiku
but my brother wrote a poem
that i like to quote:

"shyly, i ask her to dance
i am a poet, i say
take a haiku, jerk"

At 01:33, Blogger Tusk said...

Whacky Poetry--
I Grin like a Cheshire Cat:
"We're all crazy here"

At 08:11, Blogger ~j. said...


At 19:53, Blogger sarah k. said...

Heartbroken that I am moving to ohio this week and will therefore never get to go to another blogger lunch (I've only been to one, so c'est la vie) I leave you this creation from my last trip to france in 2000 with permission from my co-writer, my brother, who also helped me write the country-western would be hit, "Oh my home away from Homaha, where I died, where I died..."

I do not like your saucisson.
I do not like it, Pierre Pieton.
I will not eat it on the move,
I will not eat it in the Louvre.

I do not like it in the park.
I will not eat it after dark.
I do not like your saucisson.
I do not like it. Non, non, non!

At 14:04, Blogger April said...

Hope it's okay to crash your poetry party.

Kristen and I used to write crazy poetry, too. One person would give the other a piece of paper with a word written on each line. Then that person would have to write a poem using each of those words, one per line. And you weren't supposed to think it out, just write, write, write. Came up with some pretty hilarious stuff. I once even had to end a poem with the word chuckroast.

I am eating chips,
salt and vinegar Pringles.
I should be working.

At 23:51, Anonymous compulsive writer said...

Happy Birthday Kiki! Hope you have a great day!



At 09:11, Blogger TOWR said...

Shouldn't the title to this post be

Poésie du TGV ?

Imagine un peu !

At 12:15, Blogger Boedee said...

WHAT!!!!!!! How in the world did you find me??????!!!!! I STILL love you!!!!


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