Monday, May 14, 2007

I COULDA DIED! For real!

"As a regular Burger King patron, I don't think I could make it any more clear that I don't give a flying **** what I put into my body."

So...Friday night I was hanging out at my parents' house playing an intense game of Tetris when I suddenly felt really weird...dizzy, blurry eyes, heavy arms. I could feel my heart rapidly trying to burst out of my chest, and I thought, "I better go tell my parents right now while I'm alive to do so."

Long story short, my dad took me to the ER, they ran a bunch of tests on me, everything looked/sounded normal, I have a big ugly bruise on my arm from where an IV was (it's actually in the shape of the Mac Apple), and they told me to go see my doctor, which I just returned from. Diagnosis: idiopathic, probably stress and exhaustion. Stress. And exhaustion. I'LL say! I'd just finished my toughest semester ever, and I barely scraped by. Anyway, the whole thing scared the crap out of me, enough to REALLY effect a lifestyle change. I'm not playing around anymore, and I mean it! I mean it so much, that I'm going to eat a vegetarian diet. It's an extreme change, but maybe extreme is what I need. I COULD'VE DIED!!! WHILE PLAYING TETRIS!!! BECAUSE I'M UNHEALTHY!!! AND I HAVEN'T EVER HAD SEX!!! I DON'T KNOW HOW DAY 6 OF 24 ENDS!!! I HAVEN'T SEEN THE FINAL CHAPTER OF HEROES!!! AM I ON THE LIST?! ARE JIM AND PAM GOING TO GET BACK TOGETHER?! WILL MELINDA BE THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL?! I DON'T KNOW!!! AND I ALMOST DIDN'T FIND OUT!!!

I'm actually pretty excited about this change. My family kids me about not knowing how to cook, which is completely untrue. I just don't make time to cook. Plus, I like to be creative when I cook, and frankly, I might as well live with backwoods farmers who belong to the KKK because creative in cooking is not their thing. (KKK because they don't like to eat foreign food, and Mexican here DOES NOT COUNT!...or Chinese.) So cooking normal, unexciting stuff does not appeal to me. Any idiot can cook a steak! I'm ready for adventure, for hits and misses, for surprises, for education, for health. And while I know that meat can be healthy, I think I have to do it like this. If I allow myself to eat meat, I'll allow myself to be lazy, to stop at Wendy's, Sonic, Taco Bell, etc. when I want food NOW! I'm going to learn to be patient, to eat good things, and to love good things. I've had a couple of really tasty experiences already, and my sister has surprisingly enjoyed them as well.

I went crazy and ordered 3 cookbooks today, two of which were recommended to me by the fabulous c jane. And I'll try to remember to post recipes that I try and love. And here is the first: Lentil wraps. I used two jalapeños because I like heat! I added 2 whole cups of vegetable broth because I ended up cooking the lentils for longer than 30 minutes so they weren't crunchy. I hates the crunchy lentils. And I HEART the little carrot mixture that goes on the wraps. It adds a delightful, yummy crunch to these wraps. Also, buy exciting wraps and not boring tortillas.

I invite you to post your favorite vegetarian recipes, vegetarian recipe links and cookbooks, vegetarian blogs, etc. because I want to stay excited about this.

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At 12:34, Blogger c jane said...

Kikster, I am so excited for you. E-mail me anytime. I am your best vegetarian blogging friend. Hooray! And good luck!

At 13:17, Blogger Kiki said...

YAY! I HAVE A FRIEND! A very awesome friend.

At 14:26, Blogger Strude said...

Holy crap. I am glad you're ok. Good luck with the lifestyle change.

Are you going totally meatless? Or just red meat, with fish and the occasional chicken being okay?

At 14:39, Blogger Kiki said...

I don't think I will have a hard time giving up meat. It's the dairy that I love: yogurt, cheese, and butter, but I don't even eat those a lot. We're in a total experimental mode right now. The real challenge is going to be living with someone who cooks everything in bacon fat and always wants a lot of meat. Also, going out with friends might pose issues. We'll see how it goes. Of course, when I explain what happened and what that did to me mentally, people are very cool and supportive of the decision.

At 16:28, Blogger ~j. said...

holy craaaaaaaaaaap.

Hm. Will you be posting your favorite recipes?

(ps - Melinda best be the next American Idol! and ps2 - karen gets job in NYC which leaves room for Jim & Pam -- ya think?)

At 17:47, Blogger Kiki said...

I will be posting my favorite recipes. I haven't really made anything I've found earth-shattering yet.

I think so about the Karen/Jim/Pam thing, although, I will be sad if Karen goes because I really like her character on there.

Melinda has it in the bag.

At 20:39, Blogger metamorphose said...


Check out some of veggie's archives. Especially the one about how her body basically forced her to eat vegetarian, and how she transformed into loving all things veggie.

At 14:23, Blogger sarah k. said...

Oh! I love cooking veg, though we're not even remotely veg. I just believe in moderation, so not a lot of meat. But I love the Moosewood cookbooks. They all have exciting stuff (my husbands very favorite thing is sweet potato quesadillas, and they're oh so yummy). Also, Vegan with a Vengeance. I also post vegetarian recipes from time to time, and I only post them if I think they're really good. So what did cjane recommend?

At 13:20, Blogger Kiki said...

c jane recommended "How It All Vegan" and "The Accidental Vegan". I purchased them as well as "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World" because a girl needs her cupcakes every now an then. I hope they come in tomorrow or Tuesday or Wednesday or sometime soon. Some of the recipes that I perused at Moosewood do look delicious. I might have to buy something.

Sarah, will you please share the sweet potato quesadilla recipe? I do love my sweet potatoes.

At 17:02, Blogger Azúcar said...

Oh yeah! Sweet potato quesadilla, I need that action.

How did I not know about this? Is this punishment for not being on IM when you want me to be?

I support you being a vegetarian.

At 21:05, Blogger Kiki said...

Yes, Zuc, that's exactly right. And you're never online PERIOD.

At 21:13, Blogger abby said...

I wonder if Steve Jobs will sue you for trademark infringement because of your bruise. :)

At 22:22, Blogger Kiki said...

Him or the Beatles' Apple Corp.

That bruise is still prominently and disgustingly showing on my arm.

At 19:25, Blogger sue-donym said...

"You don't eat no meat?! That's ok, I'll fix lamb."

Please let us know how it goes with the new Veg lifestyle.


At 20:49, Blogger kiki said...

I still have the outline of the bruise on my arm.

The vegetarian thing is going very well. One of these days I'll feel like updating or something.

At 13:03, Blogger b. said...

Holy hell, that bruise!!
Did they have to fish around or what?

At 13:24, Blogger kiki said...

That happened after they took it out. They didn't apply pressure, and I didn't think to do it myself.

The bruise is finally gone.


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