Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I made a HUGE discovery this week. I'm probably the only person this is HUGE for, but it makes my life just THAT MUCH easier. Don't look at your keyboard, but place your hands in the correct place. You know...your left forefinger on F and your right forefinger on J and so on. Now...lightly stroke those F and J keys. Not the others. Just the F and J. Do you feel that? Those non-flat, ridgy things? Those are the greatest things EVER!!! And this is why: I love to be in the dark. I don't like light. My room is almost always black because I can get around in it, because I don't NEED the light that hurts my eyes, because it's just wasting electricity, because the only things I do in my room are surf the internet and watch TV, and guess what! You don't need superfluous light to do either of those things. You know that computer screen and that TV screen? Light. I don't need other light to see them. BUT I have been known to pull out the keyboard under that light just so I could find my F and J landmarks so I could properly place my hands on the keyboard. BUT THAT IS ALL OVER! You know why?! BECAUSE OF THE NON-FLAT, RIDGY THINGS ON THE F AND J! It's AWESOME! I'm so happy!

Here are some videos that make me laugh and/or make me happy:

What are some of your favorite video links?



At 21:42, Blogger Rachel said...

I do love that Mika! MMHMMM!

At 23:55, Blogger ~j. said...

My optometrist diagnosed me with low self-esteem.

And that second one: I...I...can't...what?

(It's just like a minimall, innit?)


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