Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I can't stop watching this.

I haven't stopped watching this since I saw her on Letteman on Friday. I'm not kidding. It's still on my TiVo, too. I wish I had the audio file so I could play it on repeat in my room, in my car, on my iPod. I like this so much better than the album recording.

WOOT! WOOT! I FINALLY have the audio file! FOR REAL THIS TIME!



At 21:00, Blogger metamorphose said...

It is a spectacular performance. And people wondered why I drove all the way to Boulder by myself last year to see the lovely Ms. Spektor.

At 11:56, Blogger c jane said...

I wish that I could've written what Meta just posted above.

I am with you, we play it non-stop. I love the Letterman thought she was brilliant.

At 13:11, Blogger Kiki said...

It WAS very awesome. I've been searching the internets frantically for an mp3 of the audio file. I wish I knew how to make one my ownself because I love it so much.

At 14:30, Blogger Emily said...

It's my new favorite, thanks to you and the cjane.
oh oh--oh oh oh oh


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