Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Uncomfortable moment of the decade

And the winner goes to this morning when I mentioned to my G-ma that I might be going to celebrate a friend's birthday in Dallas over Easter weekend. She asked me, "Are you two sleeping together?" I wanted to burst into laughter because 1) No. When I say I'm Mormon, I am also saying that I don't have sex before marriage. And 2) No, because he's gay. She doesn't know number 2, though, and I didn't think I would ever have to mention it. But I just might at some point let her know.


Okay, so to continue the "Uncomfortable moment of the decade", I told my G-ma that he's gay, and here's an approximate transcript of the conversation:

Me: Mimi, he's gay.
G-ma: Well, thank God! There's a letter to the editor about gays in the paper today.
Me: *blink*
G-ma: Does he have another...
Me: No.
G-ma: Fellah?
Me: *blink*
G-ma: When did he decide he was gay?
Me: A few years ago.
G-ma: He does know it's wrong, doesn't he?
Me: *blink*
G-ma: Well, I'm gonna go to the grocery store.

End scene

"Thank God"? And then later on she asks, "He does know it's wrong, doesn't he?" It's almost as if she doesn't trust me to live righteously. I'm a little put off by that. At any rate, am I not old enough to make my own decisions whether they be right or wrong? I'm a little perturbed.