Saturday, February 03, 2007

You know those times when you're getting ready to leave a friend's house, and you have to go...pee...REALLY BADLY, but you don't go at friend's house because you know that when you get home you have to do A, B, and C things, so why go to the bathroom twice? And you live barely a block away, so you'll make it, right? And then you know when you get home and your outside cat is there waiting for you to pour a midnight snack into his bowl, and you think, "I can do that"? But then you know when you bend over, and you feel your bladder letting go, so you ditch that idea for the moment so you can get to the bathroom? But then you're walking briskly through the house, and memories of childhood cruelty come flooding to your head. And then you know when you get to the bathroom and you think, "VICTORY!!!", but then PSYCH! You wet your pants? That happened to me tonight.

When was the last time you wet your an adult, and a fetus wasn't using your bladder as a trampoline...and you weren't drunk or high?



At 12:02, Blogger Who ate all the Carbs? said...

Not drunk? You got me there.
I always use toilets when they're available- as long as they're clean.

At 14:30, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

No trampoline? You got me.

I don't always use available toilets. I have a hangup from my childhood: I'd rather hold it and wait for the home toilet. However, yours is a cautionary tale indeed.

At 18:32, Blogger Laura said...

New Year's Day 2007.

It was an accident, I was really sick, and staying at a house of someone who I didn't know. I thought, "This will happen to a lot of people today... they'll just happen to have been drinking. Le sigh."

At 02:36, Blogger ~j. said...

December, 2006.

Baby was two months old. I have no excuse.

I can't believe I'm telling you this.

At 08:11, Blogger Kiki said...

It's okay. We're all friends here. I just stood in the bathroom and laughed because I was almost. there! I was standing next to the toilet attempting to get my pants down when the dam opened. I guess I should do kegels?

At 21:42, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

Yes ~J has an excuse. I remember post baby having *issues* (I guess that's literal, HA!) I didn't count that since it was fetus related. It took a couple months and some steady kegeling to get back to regular form.


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