Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And I am telling you...

Thanks to AzĂșcar for writing this post reminding me of something I was going to blog about a few weeks ago.

I think I was sucked into the vortex that is Dreamgirls further than anyone else because to this day, a whopping six weeks after it was released, I'm still the only person preaching its fabulousness. Sure, it's up for a bunch of Oscars, but other than that, I think most people have moved on. But I'm hear to tell you, if you buy a ticket and only see Jennifer Hudson sing that one song that is going to give her the little gold man, you will have gotten your money's worth. I still crave seeing it; the girl's performance is standing-ovationly unbelievable.

The second time I went to see it, I went alone because when I'm alone, I can let emotion carry me away. I start to think that I can accomplish the impossible; like, I can TOTALLY sing that song as well as JHud. Afterall, I WAS good enough to sing in the Mormon LDS Missionary Training Center choir and the BYU FLSR Ward Choir. I remember this one time; it was Easter, and we were singing "Oh, Saviour, Thou Who Wearest a Crown of Piercing Thorn". The music was composed Bach for "The St. Matthew Passion", and it's one of my favorite melodies despite its somber tone. I was so excited to sing it with the choir. (I am not a good singer.) As we stood there singing, I earnestly vocalized and facially expressed my earnestness. I KNOW EVERYONE heard and SAW that this hymn was my most favorite thing EVER CREATED or PERFORMED, and it was CERTAINLY the MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER IN THAT MOMENT, FOR MY FACE AND THROAT SANG SO!! You know when you watch an organized choir, and most people are there just doing their job, lending their voice, trying to please the audience? There's always that one person who's there because THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER DONE, and his eyes are almost bugging out with excitement, and his mouth is WIDE OPEN YOU COULD DRIVE A BOAT SHOW IN THERE, and he's doing things with his face that you wouldn't ever attempt doing because there's no point in stretching your face that much. I WAS THAT PERSON!!! I sang LOUDER and prouder than ANY of the other seven in that little group. I KNOW everyone heard me. I KNOW everyone was thinking, "Bitch is WILD!" (except less vulgar because we were in church.) I KNOW I can be the next American Idol, and YOU!




Movies like Dreamgirls really make you think crazy stuff like that!

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At 13:47, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

And I haven't seen it, not even once.

I know what you mean by the committed singer. I had a Bishop once who was MoTab and when he sang, not only did it tower over ALL the other voices in the congregation, but he was WITH IT.

At 16:19, Blogger Tusk said...

I'm worried about going to see Dreamgirls- Beyonce Knowles is looking more and more like Michael Jackson every time I see her.

At 16:24, Blogger metamorphose said...

Still haven't seen Dreamgirls. Don't really care, I have to say.

If we're talking about American Idol dreams though, I was daydreaming about singing Muhammad, My Friend at an Idol audition the other day. I would start off with the, "Mooooses, IIiiiiiii knooow" part. Yeah.

At 20:36, Blogger Kiki said...

I think it's funny that there's an ad for "Urinary Incontinence" at the top of the page. Whatever you do, keep not clicking on it.


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