Monday, February 19, 2007

Last night, I was at a parade on Canal Street. (I'm in New Orleans, by the way.) A friend (we'll call him Jeff), some other revelers, and I each had hands claiming some of a large tangle of beads. So we pulled them down to untangle them. The following exchange took place:

Jeff: Just yank on it; it will come.
Other reveler: Is that what you said last night?
My other friends and Kiki stare quietly at each other
exit other revelers
Jeff, other friends, and Kiki laugh hysterically

It's fun being in New Orleans right now because everyone is happy and friendly and bound together in unholy Mardi Gras bliss. I'll maybe post some pictures soon.

OH! And yesterday morning, I was in my air mattress at the doctors' house in uptown N.O. when at 10AM, somebody started playing the trumpet. The trumpeter (doctor Jeff says it was a girl) kind of practices backward, in that she started playing her "pieces" and ended with scales. The best thing I can say about her "pieces" is that they were nonsense. It was the first thing I saw this weekend that made me think of that thing on Letterman, "Is This Anything?" But then, even more offensive and anxiety producing were the scales because this is how they went: do-re-me-fa-so-la-ti. Or do-re-me-fa-so-la. COME ON! PLAY THE LAST NOTE!!! PLEASE PLAY THE LAST NOTE! OMG! OKAY! OKAY! I WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW IF YOU WOULD JUST PLAY THE LAST NOTE I'M BEGGING YOU!



At 22:25, Blogger metamorphose said... topic -but have you SEEN the new album cover!!!!!


At 00:59, Blogger Kiki said...


That picture is THE BOMB! She is definitely going back to booty kicking and controversy where she should be! I'm salivating.


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