Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Things I am over

1. "Studio 60 on Sunset Strip". The promos for this show had me super excited. It looked smart, witty, and fast. I was also very excited to see Matthew Perry in something that wasn't "Friends" or a stupid movie. The pilot episode came and went, and I was bored the whole time. I thought the sketches for the show within the show were not funny, and some other things were lacking. But I wrote it off as the episode that sets stuff up. I was willing to forgive it. Then, I watched every week after that, and the same thing was happening. Stuff that was supposed to be funny just wasn't. There was an instance where it seemed like there was going to be a good storyline regarding plagiarism, and then they resolved it so neatly within the same episode. UGH! This is where I started calling it "Studio Suxty on Suckset Suck". After about three episodes, I watched it just so I could bitch about it, but now I'm over it. I haven't watched it in weeks, and I can say without hesitation that "Studio 60" is a lousy show. Don't try to sway me because it ain't happenin'.

2. 70-degree weather in December. Actually, if I were in San Diego, I'd be singing a different song. I love everything about that city. I especially love the crisp, cool air coming off of the ocean. But I am not in San Diego. I am in Louisiana, which, I guess, should be excuse enough for the 70-degree weather, but I'm not having it. We've been freezing cold for extended periods before. I want that. It's part of what makes me think that it's Christmas time. The heat and wet, humid air do not trigger the festive parts of me to wake up from hibernation. It doesn't feel like Christmas with this yucky, mucky weather.

3. People, i.e., my grandmother, telling me that I can't stay out all night. Two words: I'm thirty. Three more words: I'm not stupid.

4. My target store not stocking San Pellegrino Aranciata at this time. I NEED MY ARANCIATA!!!

5. Lame movies taking up all of the theaters at the cinema. These are the movies wasting space at our theater that I will never see because I am a movie snob: The Holiday, Unaccompanied (spelled unaccompained on the movie website) Minors, Deck the Halls, Deja Vu, The Nativity Story, The Santa Clause 3: the escape clause, Turistas, Van Wilder Deux: rise of Taj.

Here is the much shorter list of movies I might see if I'm really hard-up: Apocalypto (but honestly, seeing a Mel Gibson-directed movie is akin to my ever again watching a Tom Cruise film. I can't abide certain levels of crazy.) and Blood Diamond (This one just doesn't appeal to me. I have no interest in seeing it.).

Movies I have already seen that I would watch again because I liked them: Borat, Casino Royale, and Stranger Than Fiction

The one movie left that I haven't seen but want to: Happy Feet. Does anyone want to go see that with me?

6. Flip phones.

7. Taco Bell. My friend, J, and I ate there so much the final weeks of school because it's super cheap and right next to the university. I can't eat there for at least the next six weeks.

8. My forehead hurting. I know I smacked my head really hard, but that was two months ago TODAY. I'm ready for it to stop hurting whenever I lift my brow.

9. Cafes making hot chocolate out of cacao syrup. GROSS!

10. Ebonics. When I was taking linguistics classes, I learned to forgive ebonics as a growing, thriving dialect of the English language. Well, I'm over that. It's one of the more ridiculous dialects spawned from English. Last night, I ran into the mall to pick up a CD, and on the way out, I was attracted by a shoe display outside of Journeys. That's where I heard someone aks, "How much they is?" I wanted to pimpslap her as I was in the perfect place and position to do so. But I refrained. Ebonics is stupid. There. I said it.

Reality television in all of its variations.

The new game shows would be one of those variations.



At 12:51, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

I am wondering who the audience for Happy Feet truly is. All my film critic friends said that it is NOT a movie for kids. Tiff-fay-fay took her little kids and agreed, it's really not for children. Is it me? 'Cause I don't give a crap about animated penguins, fo sho. Is it you? I would think not since we're in the same age brackets. I don't get who is supposed to go to that movie.

Depends on the cacao syrup: sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. Here's something to know: when I worked for the bookstores with cafes, the chocolate syrup would turn bad SO much faster than the other syrups. Sketchy.

You and Bill Cosby.

At 15:32, Blogger Rachel said...

"Studio Suxty on Suckset Suck" Classic! Dude I watched the first episode of that and within two seconds I was like, "What exactly *is* the point of this and when do Amanda Peet and Steven Weber stop taking themselves so freaking seriously?" FLOP!

I'm with you on ebonics. "How much they is?!" Heaven save us.

And I'll have you know that your falling in the bath took me to a whole new level of paranoid.


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