Saturday, December 23, 2006

Some friends gave me a $25 card for iTunes, and I need to spend it wisely. What are some songs that y'all think are some must-haves? Keep the country to yourself please, but I welcome any other recommendations. If only the second season of "Weeds" were for sale on iTunes...



At 19:44, Blogger ~j. said...

What are the songs that you already have?

Merry Christmas!

At 20:35, Blogger Kiki said...

Too many to count (6500), but that doesn't mean I have everything. I don't know what is out currently that is good because I don't listen to the radio. I usually buy what people tell me to or what I like from mixes people send me. I love to know what other people are liking because maybe I'll like it too.

Merry Christmas to you, too, and to everyone else.

At 15:55, Blogger noelle feather said...

My suggestions (iTunes RULES!)--

Shalamar: Second Time Around
Johnny Gill: Rub You The Right Way
Steely Dan: Peg
Anything by Guy
And, I downloaded a song from "Singing in the Rain". It's called Good Morning, I believe. Love. It.

At 20:39, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

I can't recommend music to you, that's like carrying coal to Newcastle.

At 23:10, Blogger Kiki said...

That's not true, Zuc. I liked that Park person. I'd never heard of him. You introduced us.

Longest word verification I've ever had: vhrobqwk

At 13:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Brightest Diamond is recommended.

Girl Talk has some fun sampler tracks if you want something booty-fantastic.

If you haven't purchased Annie's album Anniemal, you're missing out. Fun stuff.

Tapes'n'Tapes and Wolf Parade have both been a recent staple for me.

Happy hunting!


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