Monday, October 30, 2006

Guess who's got tickets to see Justin Timberlake.



At 11:14, Blogger Rachel said...

Guess who's got tickets to see the Pet Shop Boys this Friday.

At 16:50, Blogger Kiki said...

Who CARES?! They're GAY! Just kidding. No, really. They're gay. I just don't care that they're gay. I mean, it's cool. I love the gays. What I mean to say is who cares about the Pet Shop Boys when there's Justin Timberlake?

At 12:21, Blogger c jane said...

Me is jealous.
You will be watching history in the making as sexy is brought back into our sexless society by one man.

At 16:44, Blogger Rachel said...

Well, me. I care about the Pet Shop Boys when there's Justin Timberlake. I could give a flying rip about JT, but the Pet Shop Boys... That's a whole other story. And of COURSE they're gay--all the best 80s bands were.

At 17:46, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

Rachel! I'll be at Pet Shop Boys. Look for the preggo who might start beating on the people surrounding her at any moment. There may also be yelling, judging by the last concert I attended.

Bring that sexy back!

At 10:56, Blogger Rachel said...

Azucar, nice! Did you get the $10.19 special?! I'm in section 125, row 21. Wheeee! Look for the fat girl with short hair screaming at the top of her lungs. :) MAYBE IIIII DIDN'T TREAT YOUUUUUUU QUITE AS GOOOOD AS I SHOUUUUULLLLLDDDD!

At 02:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the show I am in, we do a parody JT's "Sexy Back." Ours is "Christmas Back."

Of course, we're no JT, but I'll bet my Jingle Bells we're funnier. That counts for something, right?


At 20:32, Anonymous nathan said...

you me me one too, right?

so really what about moving to louisiana? you want a roomate?


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