Tuesday, September 26, 2006

These are the other photographs that were chosen to be displayed:

A stranger



Today, a couple of classmates and I were asked to stay behind. Our professor told us that he was particularly impressed with our photographs and our tests that we took last week and that he wanted us to consider taking photographs at the university theater productions and symphonies, recitals, and other music stuff. He also wants us to become very familiar with the darkroom and Adobe Photoshop. All of that sounds exciting to me. Good times.



At 07:41, Blogger carblemarble said...

Congrats! I love the train bridge shot. How exciting to have your work appreciated. Adobe Photoshop is amazing... Microsoft is going to be coming out with a new software soon that is looking to be quite impressive.

At 10:45, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

I too love the train trestle bridge. What, exactly, are those strange hanging white things? Honeypots?

At 11:39, Blogger Kiki said...

I guess they're supposed to be birdhouses...birdhouses made out of gourds.

At 00:26, Anonymous courtney love said...

i don't get it


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