Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So, I'm taking a photography course. I thought it would be an easy A. You know: you go to class, listen about famous photographers, learn why they're famous (they're design, use of light, subject matter, content, etc.), learn to employ similar things in your own photography, learn to print, learn what f-stops and aperture and such mean, take a bunch of pictures, turn them in, make A's on the tests. Easy as pie! Right? Wrong! When we merely do the assignments (36 pictures every 3 weeks), we get a flat C (70/100). We build from there. Every one of our photographs that gets displayed in the hallway garners us 4 more points. So to get a flat A (90/100), we have to get 5 pictures displayed. That's a LOT!

Before today, I thought our teacher had told us that if we were to get anything posted in the hallway, we would get an A; if it was posted in the classroom, we would get a B. I was feeling really good because I got FOUR pictures posted out in the hallway, and there were only 5 bulletin boards with about 10 pictures each attached. 4/50 seems AWESOME considering there are about 32 people in all enrolled in the photography sections. But before we saw our grades, he explained the above flat C/4 points per displayed photo thing. I started feeling antsy. I only had 86 points if all that was going to be displayed was already up. But I got an A! They chose 6 of my pictures to display. I don't know what 2 of them are yet, but here are the 4 that are in the hallway for the entire world that passes through those halls to see.


It seemed like a good idea at the time
This is how it was displayed.

Old bridge Bayou Desiard


I'm excited to see what else was chosen because when I saw some of the above, my immediate reaction was, "Huh. I wonder why they chose that instead of [some others I was thinking were better]." If you want to see what else I turned in, you can go to my flickr page and check them out. We have very specifically general things that we are to photograph. Nature designs, Man designs, Objects without any color (i.e., blacks, white, and grays are what we want, WITHOUT using the black and white camera option), Objects with one color (again blacks, whites, and grays can be in abundance, and then one color), Portrait, Portrait as symbol (subjective), Window-lit portrait, and, of course, any other pictures we want to take. I'm having a lot of fun, and it's a blast seeing my stuff displayed.



At 22:48, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

This makes me miss school.

How fun.

At 16:13, Anonymous burichan said...

Maybe you missed your true calling as a photographer. Who needs medical school when you take cool pictures that get posted in the hallway?

Did you submit the dashboard photo sideways, or did your teacher make that decision?

At 17:30, Blogger Kiki said...

Oh, yeah... Photography is my calling...

I turned in all of the photographs in a stack in an envelope. They were situated the way you'd get them back from a photo lab. So he chose to display the dashboard photo that way. And I think it's cooler on its side than right-side-up.

Going out and taking pictures has become my new favorite hobby.

At 09:10, Blogger Rachel said...

Those pictures are awesome! Were they taken with film or digitally?

At 12:23, Blogger Kiki said...

Digital. Alls I got me is a little Nikon Coolpix snapshot thingy. Oh, and the use of flash and cropping is strictly forbidden.


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