Thursday, August 03, 2006

A few things:

1. Windfall is a boring show, but I can't stop watching it. Please help me. Jason Gedrick is the new Tylenol PM, but I fight through the sleep to watch the trainwreck that is this show. STOP CHEATING ON EACH OTHER ALREADY!!! THERE THEY GO AGAIN!

2. When I was in Montreal, I was walking by the store, Lush (handmade cosmetics) when I was pulled in by the pleasant aromas. I was intrigued and grossed out that most of the soaps there looked like loaves of roquefort, chevre, gruyere, and various other cheeses that would never enter my mouth because of the pungent taste. Then I found the skin care products. The shop girl massaged my hands with Sel Océanique and then loved them with Crème de Rêve. My hands were so smooth and smelled so pleasantly lavandered that I bought both things and rounded out the purchase with Battement Citronné for my feet and elbows. My skin is happy and recommends all three products, but buy them from the USA store.

3. I'm a pretty calm person. I think it's funny and sad when people get enraged over menial things. For example, I have a friend who has road rage issues. If he gets cut off or someone honks at him, he goes berzerk and starts honking and driving like a madman possibly scaring and putting into danger the lives of everyone in the car and on that part of the road. My philosophy on things like that is this: "No one was hurt. We're still alive. It happened. That guy's a moron. I'm over it. Look at that tree." I just don't see the point in turning into a raging lunatic over it. In fact, I think it's more idiotic than being cut off or honked at. Just breathe.

4. I am not excited about still being in the Young Women's presidency under my third president. I want out, but apparently, people go crazy judgemental on your ass when you say no to a calling. Who wants that?

5. I had a big scare today. When I seriously think about it, my favorite thing in this world is music, making my iPod a very important part of my life. As I walked out the door today, I grabbed my keys and my iPod. I set the iPod, we'll call him Marco, in his cradle and turned on the stereo. As I was waiting for the menu screen to pop up, I was shocked by a sad face that told me to go to the Apple support page. I did all of this crap it told me to do which was basically trying to restore Marco's settings. Nothing worked. So then I checked into how much it would cost to have it repaired because that was the next logical step per the site. Well, $280 can buy me a new iPod, and I would MUCH rather have Marco 2.0 than an expensively refurbished Marco. But I don't have that kind of do-re-mi right now, so I decided to look online to see what others had done in my situation; I can't be the only one to have seen the sad face of sorrow and pain. I found a recurring remedy. Some people had thrown their iPod in anger, dropkicked it, slammed it down, and other violent pitchings, and the results were a working iPod. Feeling I had no choice, I grabbed Marco, stood up, held him out with a straight arm, and dropped him to the floor. He bounced and made a painful noise. I winced. I pressed play. Marco is good as new.

6. Here is the song I can't get enough of right now, and I've played it nonstop on Marco since I "fixed" him this afternoon. Fiona Apple - I Want You (live Elvis Costello cover).m4a sung at VH1 Decades Rock Live Elvis Costello. It's hot!

7. I hate when I'm having a good conversation with a friend, he abruptly asks if he can call me back, and then HE DOESN'T CALL ME BACK. I STILL HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY! CALL ME BACK, DUMBASS CRACKER!

8. I typed "ass" two three times in this post.

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At 01:10, Blogger Azúcar said...

You cursed me because my beloved iPod, Dre, stopped working tonight! My heart stopped too. A reset did the trick, but the panic was nearly overwhelming. Hey, that is a cool tree.

At 08:12, Blogger Rachel said...

All those skin products sound delish, but what I really want is somebody to come apply them for me. It's just not the same, rubbing the stuff on yourself.

As for Marco, well, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. I'm glad (and shocked!) it worked!

PS Guess who's going to Montreal for work again next May?! Yippee! Maybe I'll have to drop in the store and have somebody rub a little Sel océanique and Crème de rêve into my hands!

At 08:16, Anonymous Audrey said...

My iPod broke over a month ago (sad face and everything) and it took all this time for the asshats at Circuit City's protection plan department to deal with it. In fact, they didn't even deal with it. They just sent me a gift card so I could go to their store and buy a new one. Does that REALLY take 6 weeks to do? I finally just bought my new iPod yesterday. If this one gives me the same problem, I think I will just drop it. At least that way it will take less than 6 weeks to get it working again.

At 10:01, Blogger Azúcar said...

also, Windfall IS BORING, but there's nothing else on...le sigh.

At 12:48, Blogger metamorphose said...

I have yet to watch me some Windfall. Is Luke Perry on that show?

I'm so relieved Marco came back after his crash CPR. Hearing stories like that keep me on my knees, praying the my own Honey Bunny will never have such a frowny face.

And dumbass cracker indeed! ha ha

I'm also one that can't really get into the road rage thing. I have my angry moments, but I sure do like trees.

At 02:56, Blogger Emmie said...

The two times I watched Windfall, I was surprised that Luke Perry looks basically the same age that he did when he was playing a high school student on Beverly Hills 90210. That age is, of course, 35.

My Ipod Mini died, and never came back to life. It was a crushing blow. Now I have a Nano.

I theorize that you can say no to a calling without judgement, but only if you have a better excuse than I did. Basically, you're gonna need a wheelchair. And maybe a note from your doctor that you can wear around your neck.


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