Friday, August 11, 2006

The Cantaloupe Analogy

To you, that probably looks like me deseeding a cantaloupe so I can eat it, but to me, it's what I want to do to myself when I have menstrual cramps. The cantaloupe is me, the seeds are my girly insides, the knife is a knife, and the spoon is this much larger spoon I have on stand-by in case things get ugly.

Private joke moment: Jan, this one's for you.

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At 23:28, Anonymous courtneylove said...

I have BEEN THERE GF HAHAHA. And by been there I mean I did that. mynosehurts at least I think that's my nose I DON'T KNOW.

At 13:43, Blogger Rachel said...


At 12:33, Blogger Laura said...

See? Perfect analogy.

Except now I want to eat ice cream in that cantaloupe half...


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