Friday, June 23, 2006

Watching World Cup play

I know these commentators spend time thinking of really good analogies and new words and sayings to throw out there for the public to hear. "Take it to the house" is WAY old school by now. "Trickeration" is a word that's always confused me. Um...there are many, many others.

So, I'm watching the Spain v. Saudi Arabia game right now, and Spain just scored a goal. The Spanish radio guys are inches away from my commentators, and when they get excited, we can hear everything they say. So after the goal, they were going crazy and shouting "GOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!" and other Espanish things. One of our commentators then said one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard: "If they ever find a cure for cancer, I want to see these guys celebrate it."

Although finding a cure for cancer would indeed merit huge celebration, that was just a really weird thing to say at a sporting event. Maybe if the commentators had been talking about how some famous player had cancer and was currently being treated, and that player was all bald on the sidelines, and people were hailing his name despite his state, THEN it would have been appropriate. But to just throw it out there where it doesn't belong, it's nachos as a major menu option at the Irish pub and grill that I went to this week. It's kind of inappropriate, is what I'm saying.



At 10:14, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

Hey! Espanish games mean we can use any inappropriate analogies that we like! As mom used to say, Get a Light!

Also, which kind of cancer curing would they celebrate? All cancers? Some? I'm pretty sure there's a cancer hierarchy; I know there are some cancers I don't give a fig about.

Here's what I think is inappropriate: the salsa in Mexico sucks.


At 11:18, Blogger Kiki said...

You Spaniards can say anything you want. It's YOUR team. However, American commentators are ridiculous, and this is why I watch many games on mute.


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