Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I apologize for not having updated. I just haven't felt like it; haven't been really happy lately. The stress of school and future and family has hit me in a killing-me-softly way. I resent being in Louisiana now, and that's not an emotionally driven, untrue statement. I'm taking the hardest classes I've ever had, and I've had a lot of classes. People are constantly asking me if I've found out my MCAT scores yet, which question I absolutely HATE! because if you're not my parents or some of my closest friends, it's nobody's damn business. You know? And if you ARE my family, YOU WILL KNOW WHEN I KNOW FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!! GOOD GOD! @#$%^&! Filling out the medical school application is really stressful because of what a HUGE thing this is. I feel like my parents treat me like I'm 3 years old sometimes. For example, I was going to Dallas last weekend, and I was going to stay with a guy who is one of my best friends and whom I've dated and been in love with. He is not with women these days; there's been a shift in the sex who gets his attention. My father, playing the role of my bishop (Mormon spiritual leader), "strongly counseled" me not to go because he thought it "wouldn't do me any good". These kinds of things anger me because 1. do they not trust in the way they raised me? 2. if I DO make a mistake, it is MY mistake. 3. he has no idea what good it DOES do me to go and be with people who make me feel so good in between feeling like I'm being swallowed by the black hole that is everything else I do. I HAVE to go to Dallas and stay with him for my sanity's sake! and 4. I don't want to talk to my bishop. I want to talk TO MY DAD! I don't need the bishop to "strongly counsel" me about this. I'm not stupid! Now if my dad has concerns or questions or wants to know what goes down in Dallas, I INVITE HIM TO ASK ME AS MY GENTLE FATHER I KNOW AND LOVE AND IS GENTLE AND TRUSTS IN MY ABILITIES TO CONTROL MYSELF! Can you feel the earth-shattering roar that is rumbling inside of me? If I had the pipes, Louisiana would feel something akin to an earthquake and would hear something akin to the roar of the gaping jaws of hell if hell were a giant, enormous, evil, guttural bear. Also, what they would hear would be rated R.

A couple of really awesome things have happened lately, so let's leave that first paragraph behind now. Dallas... I had a splendid time with my harem of men. The first night, we went to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth for a Fort Worth Symphony concert. It was excellent. The only issue I had was with the speed they played the song "The Phantom of the Opera" (It was broadway themed). The girl who sang that had NEVER done all of those runs at the end at such a break-neck speed before. I was thoroughly impressed that she nailed it, especially that glass-shattering note at the end. It caused us to rise to our feet. It was that awesome. We sat at a table very close to the stage, and the weather was gorgeous despite 100 degree weather during the day.

Walking through the garden, we saw this thing that we think was a sort of artsy bench maybe? But it was in the shape of a human mammary gland. I may have been photographed doing something that would have been "strongly counseled" against, but I couldn't help myself. It was such a strange looking thing. If you are interested in seeing it, it is something that will have to be emailed to you if I deem you worthy of seeing it, and I probably do. So let me know.

We went back to R's house where I actually stayed because my boy, M, is in the process of selling his house. We all stayed up until 2ish talking and enjoying each other's company. I love being with them because it's so easy and enjoyable.

After we woke up the following morning, we went to eat and to look at really cute houses in a near-by neighborhood. And I found the little house that I want. It's only $510,000. It's adorable and yellow and in the midst of other cute houses in a quiet neighborhood near a killer shopping center. M and I then went to look around another shopping complex. We found ourselves wandering into Chanel where we found a pajama top (that you could find at any Mervyn's) that cost $630. I tried to take a picture of it with my phone, but that snooty shop lady from "Pretty Woman" came in and got all snooty about my taking a picture of it. We laughed at her.

We went to see a movie that was hilarious (Thank You For Smoking), and then we met up with R and his friends. We went to dinner at a Salvadorean restaurant where I ate the first pupusa I've had since my mission. It was delicious and divine and everything. A pupusa is best described as a stuffed corn tortilla. YUM! After dinner, we all migrated back to R's house where we sat in the hot tub and/or pool listening to horror stories about the houses R has owned...stuff about foundation repair and buckling houses. After the people who didn't belong at the house left around early morning, R, M and I sat outside drying off and listening to each others' iPods. We all found some good music that we don't own.

Sunday, we had a yummy lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I was always a fan of lettuce wraps at P.F. Chang's and preached their deliciousness. Other people would just respond with, "That's because you haven't had TCF's lettuce wraps." I didn't think anything could be better than PFC's wraps. I was wrong. TCF has THE BEST, YUMMIEST LETTUCE WRAPS THE WORLD HAS EVER TASTED! And the presentation is beautiful; it made it difficult to dig in, actually. I "strongly counsel" you to try those some time soon!

We went to see "The Omen", which had its hilarious and boring moments. It was okay. After the movie was over, R introduced me to one of the most refreshing drinks I've ever had. It was a herbal, fruit tea from Starbucks: Tazo Passion Shaken Iced Tea, or something to that effect. It was delicious. We wandered into the Apple Store and played with the new notebook computers.

That's R, C, and M from L to R.

We chilled at R's house for a little while before I had to leave to drive back here. Thus ended my glorious, calm, happy, refreshing weekend.

Another awesome thing that has happened is that while I'm taking the hardest class ever right now (biochemistry), I have made a new friend. T is in my physics lab, and she was the TA for one of my very first chemistry classes. She was also in biochemistry with some of my other friends, and I know she knows her stuff. She has thrown her knowledge at me; she helps me know what to study for tests and she teaches me how to do problems and things we have to know how to do. Our class has 16 meetings (2 hours each) and 6 tests. We do not have time to spend a lot of time on anything, and we do not have time to go over everything. It's intense and insane to take this class in this situation. I am glad that T is so willing to help me with the class. I will never be able to repay her time and patience.

Last night after studying, T and I went to get pizza. She was the TA for the most intriguing chemistry professor in the department, a seemingly polite British man, for 2 years. She mentioned that she wasn't going to be doing that anymore, that his polite, English gentleman is just a façade, and told me what he's really like. She effectively ruined that fantasy I had. It was pretty funny, though.

So that's me right now. If anyone knows of anyone in biotechnology, could you tell them that I am in school right now for pre-medicine, that my classes are heavy in microbiology, that they need to hire me, and that they need to get me into a school that will waive out-of-state tuition, or any tuition for that matter, so I can finish this degree?

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At 09:59, Anonymous nathan said...

i love it! i wish i was there

At 10:02, Blogger Kiki said...

WHY?! Did you not just read how much I hate it here right now?

At 11:52, Blogger metamorphose said...

Wow. Sorry things are so crazy right now. But I'm glad you were able to have a great time in Dallas.

I forgot that your dad was a bishop. That sucks major eggs sometimes.

At 14:06, Blogger Zannah said...

I'm so glad you updated! I've missed my fix o' The Kink. Speaking of which, I really want to see you nipple-pinching, or whatever it is that you're doing in that picture.

Btw, you're fantastic, you know that?

At 18:40, Blogger Rachel said...

Ahhh, hanging with friends is always what the doctor ordered. It'll always do you good. Is it bad that I had a seizure upon reading the words "strongly counsel?"

At 15:56, Blogger April said...

Sorry to hear how under pressure you are right now. And I promise not ask about your MCAT scores. After all, you did bring "Joey" back into my life.

At 22:22, Blogger c jane said...

I can't decide. Do I want to know your MCAT scores or ask to see the mammary gland?

Such a toss up.

At 22:50, Blogger Kiki said...

Honestly, the mammary gland is WAY better.

At 00:17, Blogger Azúcar said...

Did you score a million-billion on your MCATs? Cause that was my score, mmhmm.

At 00:26, Blogger Kiki said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 00:59, Anonymous courtneylove said...

I got a millionbillion on my MCATS too, what? Where's FRANCES?

At 09:01, Blogger Kiki said...

You sold her when you sold all of your Nirvana holdings, remember?


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