Friday, June 30, 2006

Carrie is a sad girl today because a good friend, T from the "There Will Be Swearing" post, moved away today. Carrie and "T-bone", because of that "wonderful" and "glorious" biochemistry class, formed an ionic bond and were inseparable for the past four weeks. It was a boring, skulky day.

Carrie received a gift in the mail today from her Laura Llew. It's a dial thing called "Dial-An-Excuse" ("Because a bad excuse is better than no excuse"). Here are the excuses for Inappropriate Outburst:
Classic: Straw broke camel's back
Mundane: That time of month
Sob story: Went off medication
Extenuating: Just got bad news
Far-fetched: Birth canal flashback

Carrie's not feeling incredibly chatty, but she wants the world to know she survived biochemistry.



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