Monday, April 03, 2006

Je mange de la poutine.
Tu manges de la poutine.
Il/Elle/On mange de la poutine.
Nous mangeons de la poutine.
Vous mangez de la poutine.
Ils/Elles mangent de la poutine.


At 11:37, Blogger Rachel said...

Euh, la poutine a l'air dégueulasse...

At 11:59, Blogger kristenlibrarian said...

I don't know what the hell you just said, but that pie looks damn good.

i just swore. twice.

and i really hope that is pie.

At 12:37, Blogger Kiki said...

Ta gueule, Rachel! Tu n'as aucune idée!

It's not pie. Essentially, poutine is french fries with gravy and cheese. It's delicious and not at all dégueulasse.

At 13:41, Blogger April said...

Perhaps it's a french fry pie.

At 15:26, Blogger kristenlibrarian said...

HA! I thought it was an apple pie with carmel on it.

But french fries with gravy and cheese would be just fine with me.

At 00:45, Blogger Emmie said...

Is this a picture of your own recipe made manifest? What kind of gravy do you use?

At 20:02, Blogger Rachel said...

Non, mais vraiment, ca n'a pas l'air bon, cette poutine.


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