Monday, April 17, 2006

Carrie's War on Flowers

Flonase tastes like flowers, and flowers taste really bad! Have you tried flowers lately? ICK! I'm at war with flowers and other blooming things like trees and grass and cats (if cats were to bloom) because they have pollen which does not agree with any part of my head. I thought I'd reached the height of sucky allergies last week when I had to buy eyedrops, for crying out loud! EYEDROPS! FOR ALLERGIES! But I was wrong. Last night, my throat started hurting pretty badly, and any sore throat feels like knives sliding gently with evil glee down my respiratory tract, namely the pharynx, larynx, and trachea (the correct order of anatomical structures following the nares). There is no other pain that will make me cry like a baby, and I've broken multiple bones and have been punched in the nose. I was up all night wishing I had a jar of honey that I could have poured down my throat and pretending I had the guts to cut out my throat. At 2 AM, I thought about going to Walgreens to get a bottle of chloroseptic to pour down there, but that stuff's really bad for you. So, I suffered and planned to get up early this morning to go to the doctor's office. Normally, I'd stick it out, but since the MCAT is on Saturday, I figured that this isn't the week to be sick. I got a shot in the butt and a full medicine cabinet. Here is a picture of my battle wound dressing from my War on Flowers. I swear there is a dot of blood on there somewhere!

And here is my arsenal to defend, offend, in my War on Flowers:

I think I'm going to be okay, but I really want to get rid of the flower taste in my mouth.


At 16:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Carrie.

At 17:02, Blogger Laura said...

I've been sniffing the saline nasal spray like some kind of mad druggy. Nothing else stronger like you though. I do hope you get to feeling better soon, my dear.

At 20:32, Blogger ~j. said...

I hate nasal spray. I won't use it. And I've had eye drops that I swear I could taste - EYE drops!

Curse the springtime. And the cats.

(Have you ever gotten an allergy shot series?)

At 22:51, Blogger Kiki said...

I have never had the allergy shot series. I'd never even had allergy problems until I came back to Louisiana 3 years ago. This year they're especially bad because it's been so warm and flower-blooming friendly and because we've had no rain to wash the pollen away. And I hear you on the eyedrops thing. When I had LASIK done a few years ago, I got drops that I could taste; it was the worst part of the whole ordeal.

Today I found out the miracles of nasal sprays and mucinex; I felt like a million bucks. However, now I'm headachey and crap again, but I think that's because I thought I'd read "Take 1 tablet in a 24 hour period" on the mucinex bottle, but I can take no more than 4 in a 24 hour period. Just a moment ago, I took some excedrin, my antibiotic, and some mucinex. So, hopefully, I'll be feeling better momentarily so I can sleep tonight. It may also help that I've lowered the AC so it's not 80 damn degrees in this house. GOOD GRACIOUS! Who can sleep in that?!

Dear Winter, I miss you. Come back.

Love, Carrie

At 10:46, Blogger kristenlibrarian said...

Flonase does taste/smell like flowers! Does it work for you, because I'm still skeptical about its flower scented powers.

Allergies are the worst. Every morning I wake up with a really sore, gunk-y throat. So I sympathize. Hope you feel better soon!

At 11:02, Blogger Kiki said...

IT REALLY WORKS!!! I haven't had an allergy-induced sneeze, gunky face/throat, itchy ear since I got my Flonase yesterday.

At 00:46, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

I bet you're jealous jealous jealous of our snow storm yesterday (the 17th! of April!) not to mention all the floatie flakes today.

Lovely and pollen killing!


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