Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ben Folds, the MCAT, and Freedom

Thursday, I was really starting to feel the stress well up inside. I wasn't going to go see Ben Folds play the following night because I knew I needed my rest for MCAT day. But Thursday night, I got little to no sleep. The sleep I did get was invaded by equations. I had where I was writing, erasing, and rewriting equations on a blackboard. I guess it's good that I knew the equations, but that was ridiculous.

So Friday morning, when I got out of bed, I made the decision. I was not going to sit anywhere and do nothing all day long. I got up, went to a movie with my parents, and headed to Ruston where I waited for hours with other crazy fans to see Ben Folds. I love him. I had seen him in concert once before (when he opened for Tori a couple of years ago, natch), and he was so charismatic. I fell in love.

The first 500 through the door Friday night got wristbands that allowed us to be on the floor. Because I'm getting to be an old geezer, I quickly found the closest seat on the floor perimeter with the best view. His opening act, Chris Mills, SUCKED! I don't know who he is or where he came from. He feigns a larger-than-life stage presence, but he didn't fool me. The only thought I had for 25 minutes was "Who the eff are you, and why has no one told you your songs are awful?!"

Dear Chris,
You are awful, and you do not have the reputation to swagger and bounce around the stage like that and get away with it.

No love,

During the break between douchebag and Ben Folds, I got to observe some "emo boys". I took some crappy pictures for you. This first one was of a little pow-wow of the "emo boys". I would like to take this moment to declare, "Death to emo androgyny!!" I'm so confused. Are they gay? Are they straight? Are they asexual? I don't know. I saw one of them kiss another girl, but does that mean anything? I don't know.

Here is one of those "emo boys", or should it be "emo bois"? Again...I don't know. It's all a mystery to me. I seem to remember hearing some emo song where the singer was a boy singing about kissing boys. I'm just sayin'. Anyway, is this guy kidding me?! What is with the painted-on jeans? I was fascinated by it. I couldn't stop staring. I couldn't stop asking myself, "Why?" OH! AND to top it all off, he had a cheap, vinyl piano keyboard belt wrapped around his frail waist. I went solo to the concert, but that did not stop me from banding with a group of strangers in fervent agreement that the belt was definitely the cherry on top of that couture sundae. Other agreements: "Emo boys/bois" are a strange species, and he DID just grab that other boy/boi's butt.

Now, on with the show. Ben came out with a band. The first time I'd seen him, he was solo because, we learned later in Friday's concert, he was too poor to have a supporting band. So this was exciting because now we could really raise the roof, and boy/boi, did they do that! He played a bunch of his popular songs before he went into a very gentle and sweet cover of Dr. Dre's "Bitches Ain't Shit". It was hilarious listening to them sing, IN HARMONIES, that song because it is possibly the dirtiest song ever. Some girl flung her bra at him with a song request written on it ("Not the Same") and the message, "I need this back." I yelled "Rock this Bitch", and he played that. He remembered that he'd spent 15 bucks earlier in the day on ringtones for his phone, and he sent someone to get his phone so he could show us the ringtones he bought. One was "Final Countdown" by Europe. I wasn't familiar with the other ringtones except for that stupid Toby Keith song. Hopefully, he downloaded that one because he thinks it's the most absurd song ever written. There was a lot of banter between him and us. It was one of the most fun concerts I'd ever been to.

The best thing about going to the concert is that it took my mind off of the MCAT. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I went home and went straight to bed keeping focused on the fun time I had had. I slept like a brick until my alarm went off at 6:30, at which point I showered and choked down stuff that I would never eat for breakfast. (Boiled egg on toast and blueberries in my yogurt...ew...I hate blueberries!)

When I got to the testing place, we waited outside until about 8:15 to be checked in and seated. While waiting, we all looked like we were about to throw up on each other. It turned out to be and 8 hour and 45 minute day. The most annoying part was listening to the same set of instructions four times read by humorless women. By the fourth time, I was like, "[B-word], I know where to write my name!" (Say it again, all hard, like a gangsta.) The most absurd instruction we received was "Do not attempt to memorize the test." Like I've got that kind of time! The test was okay. The physical sciences part seemed easier than usual. The verbal reasoning and writing portion are the easiest sections ever. And the biological sciences section seemed harder than usual. So, I don't really know what to say when someone asks me how it went. "It seemed easy, ridiculously easy, and hard, but I don't trust my feelings when it comes to tests."

So, I'm glad it's over. I feel so light and free now. It's amazing and wonderful. WOOHOO!!!

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At 10:23, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

Look at the emo boys! How alternative and indie they are! They are more indie than the collective you, that's for sure.

I am sooo yealous that you went to Ben Folds. We love him and his potty mouth.

At 11:16, Blogger ~j. said...

I too have The Final Countdown as one of my ringtones.

How long until you find out your results?

At 12:31, Blogger Kiki said...

I now have Europe's "Carrie" ('cause that's my name. Don't wear it out!) and "Final Countdown" as ringtones.

It will be at least 2 months before I hear back from MCAT.

At 16:06, Blogger April said...

I can see how you were so confused by the emo boys/bois. Those tight jeans! Yuck!

And Kristen wants to be Ben Folds' 4th wife.

At 09:30, Blogger kristenlibrarian said...


about ben, not the emos.

Oh, and I will be his 4th wife some day. I find his nerdy-ness to be magically delicious.

At 19:04, Anonymous Ty said...

What in blazes?! Why is Ben performing at Tech? Why couldn't he go there 3 years ago when I was there? Bastard. I'm burning my CDs.

At 20:36, Blogger Kiki said...

It was awesome, too!


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