Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's time to address American Idol, but I can't say much more than I have said on a message board to which I belong and go by the name, karinka. So I'm going to cut and paste things I wrote there. Feel free to tell me why most of America loves Taylor. I can't say you'll sway me, because I'm as firm as Brad Pitt's rock-hard, delicious body in Troy and Fight Club when it comes to how I feel about Taylor. But I'd still like to know. So without further ado:

-I do not understand why so many people like Taylor. Is it for the same reason why you can't hate a retarded person? He is really "video killed the radio star" for me. Maybe he has a great voice...I don't know. I can't hear him because he twitches and jerks and sways and Ray Charleses all over the place, and as far as we know, he is neither blind nor hopped up on drugs. It's really annoying, and I can't stand him. If HE wins, I will be unhappy.

I loved Ayla so much because she was such a hard worker. Yeah, she was a bit mechanical, but only because she's trying new things she's never done before. I think that if given a little while, she would find her niche (pronounced NITCH in America!) and be a much better performer, i.e., less mechanical. She took bad criticism extremely well and used it to better herself for the next week. And she has a good voice. I never thought that she would win it, but I definitely think she deserves to be there above Melissa, Kelly, and just because I don't like any of the songs she chooses, Lisa.

Paris was an instant favorite of mine when she busted out Billie Holiday and then the stirring "Midnight Train to Georgia". She needs to get back to bringing down my house because she's slipping in my rankings.

I'm sad that Bucky's still in it, but I'm glad that two of the Will, Gedeon, Bucky trifecta were sent packing. Hopefully, Bucky will be one of the next few sent home. The other night when they brought his twin up on the stage, hearts skipped a beat in trailer parks across America. (Comment from board member, Jeff: "Wanna know the worst part about them showing us Bucky's brother? Well, the brother's name is Rocky, which means Bucky's real name is probably BUCKY!!! I had always told myself that his real name was something like David or William, that his parents weren't idiots, and he just chose to go by Bucky. No such luck.")

Gedeon...yeah...he had to go partly because his name should be pronounced Jideon with that spelling, partly because he's the black Chrstian Slater (and Christian Slater lost his appeal when I was 12. He's just been really creepy since then.), partly because of the "God Bless", partly because I hate the way he talks, and partly because I get no vibe from him besides the "ICK" one.

Beauty Queen, Ace...I don't like him. However, if he were to nail Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River", i wud b his 4ever.

I want Chris to bust out some rock from the early 90s, like "Would?" from Alice in Chains or "I Alone" from Live. That would rock my world, y'all!

-I thought Melissa looked tragically tragic this week. Whenever there was a profile shot of her, the hair and makeup she had made her look like a 40-year-old trying to look like a 21-year-old. I thought it was awful.

Katherine...she is something else. She OWNED "Think" this week, but she does weird things with her face sometimes when she sings (not Taylor-weird things, though). And I was not a fan of her telling us that she gets her camera stare from the same place Constantine got his. DOES. NOT. HELP. She also needs some serious choreography help. Paula, be useful!

-I have a request. Instead of using "us" when gushing about Taylor, will you please use "everyone but karinka" or "EBK" or "most of America"? Because I am part of "us", and I think I've made it abundantly clear that I do not like Taylor. Thanks.

-Another comment from boardmember Jeff: "Oh yeah, one other thing I meant to mention. They had the contestants tell us something about themselves that America would be surprised to know. Kinnik's answer: 'I like chitlins.' Well, in a way it's surprising that ANYONE likes chitlins, yes, but if I had to describe a person who might like chitlins, my first two adjectives would be 'southern' and 'black.' You know, like Kinnik."


At 19:50, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

I hate Taylor too!!

Ok, so I'm not watching Idol this year, but I thought I'd back you up in case you needed it.

At 15:17, Blogger April said...

Taylor is fun, energetic, and happy. He's a good singer.

But if you hate the way he moves around, then how can you like Paris so much? She's always bouncing around acting like she's the hippest thing ever. And her voice is ALWAYS monotone. I wish she would get voted off next.

There aren't any idols this year that I think are fabulous. It's been pretty boring. I do like Melissa's voice, but for the love of God, she should get someone else to do her makeup!!!

At 11:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Mandisa???!!

At 12:20, Blogger Kiki said...

Mandisa does not ring my bell. She's good, though. She owned that song she sang last week.


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