Monday, February 27, 2006

Friday, February 24, 2006

$5 Mardi Gras boob job

It's that time of year!!! Carrie's gonna have a good time, yeah!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Sub-freezing temperatures + threat of rain + Louisiana = NO SCHOOL!!!

Yes, we get off for Martin Luther King day, but we don't get off for President's day? PSYCHE!!! Thank you, maker of weather! Thank you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

[14 February 2006; 2:09 PM; Organic Chem lab during quiz]

boy: "What is the date today?"
professor: "It doesn't matter. You don't need to put that."

seconds tick by in silence

professor: "Just FYI...It's Valentine's day...February 14th..."

boy: "You're right. It doesn't matter."

[laughter throughout classroom]


Monday, February 13, 2006

Over Christmas break, I met this guy who was investigating the LDS church in Ruston. We went out to a movie one day and spent the rest of the evening with a bunch of other friends who were in town for the holiday. He is very nice but EXTREMELY shy, and it was difficult to get much out of him. Then, every time I got online after that, he was ALWAYS THERE, and he wouldn't stop talking to me at all. I had to sign off so I could get some work done. I ended up getting another account because I still wanted to chat with my other friends without him sucking away my sanity. I feel slightly bad about saying this stuff on here because he might read my blog, but last night, I got so over that.

Dear Brent,

I like you, but I will NEVER love you. We can hang out, but you've got to get out of my space.


P.S. Just because I'm saying this does not mean the church isn't true.

Last night was the first time I'd heard from him in weeks. He sounded really needy, as usual, and all but demanded my personal attention this week. The following transcript is the text conversation we had well into the early morning hours.

Brent: Hey carrie
B: I need to talk to you
Carrie: What’s shakin’?
B: Not much. I miss you. Can I hang out with you sometime this week please
B: And please take me to church with you this Sunday
C: Brent, I am crazy busy this semester. I can’t hang out with anyone during the week. You can come to church here if you want to, but I leave immediately to go to my class in Ruston.
B: I just don’t feel welcome anywhere anymore
C: What are you talking about?
B: Im not sure exactly. I don’t go to church anymore
C: Why not? What’s happening?
B: Im not really sure. A while after I didn’t get baptized everyone stopped talking to me
C: Not going to church doesn’t really help that, you know. Are you sure that’s all?
B: I believe so. Maybe they don’t like me? What else could it be?
C: People just don’t dislike someone without a reason, so unless you have given a reason, it’s probably something else.
B: I don’t know what it is tho. But I want to study the gospel with you
C: Brent, I don’t even get to spend time with my very best friends right now except some weekends after tests.
B: Then I just wanna do nothing
B: I hate the church and I want nothing to do with it anymore
C: That’s not going to win friends and influence people.
C: Frankly it’s a bit ridiculous to make the jump, “This girl won’t spend time with me, ergo this church sucks.”
B: I’m sorry
C: I feel like you want me to hold your hand, and that is something I don’t have time for. If you want to learn the gospel then do it.
C: You have to be pro-active if it’s something you want and not blame others when you can’t step up! It sucks energy when you expect others to do for you.
B: Ha I do want you to hold my hand. Im scared to do things by myself. Aah and I would do anything for you.
C: Why do you even say that? You hardly know me. I know you want to get to know me better but these things are off-putting to me. Settle down. I’m busy.
B: Are you afraid to get married?
C: I’m going back to sleep. The only reason I’m up right now is because my grandma is sick to her stomach.
C: I’m not even addressing the marriage question! That’s absurd! I’m talking about you wanting me to hold your hand. You do not know me.
B: Lol I didn’t mean I wanna marry you. I just asked if you are afraid. Cause you are like 29
B: Don’t be mad carrie. I think your diff than a lotta mormons in good ways
C: This is just frustrating because I’m not seeing you make a personal effort. The gospel is personal. You cannot base your testimony on others.
B: I don’t want to base it on yours. I just want to have a friend
C: I’m glad, but I’m still busy and tired and you still have to be pro-active. Do for yourself if you really want it. Otherwise, you’re blowing smoke up my…
C: And you have to be patient.
B: Im sorry. Im just afraid to be alone. I don’t have much confidence in myself
C: You need to go talk to Bishop Anderson about that. He is very wise. And you need to hang out with groups of people. Go back to institute.
C: The more you hang out in large groups the more you will open up. And talk to guys as well as girls.
B: If you were not busy would you let me hang out with you
C: Yes. We all had fun that day.
B: yea but still no one replaces you
B: Lol I am shy around you tho
B: Lol I was shy cause I like you. I didn’t wanna say anything stupid around you
C: This is a little manipulative. I don’t understand why you feel this way, and I take no responsibility for it.
C: I’m going to sleep. Good night.
B: Lol gosh carrie you ar so defensive. I mean its just terrible if someone thinks you are awesome huh :p
B: You are beautiful carrie

Brent does not understand that he is manipulative, that he says uncomfortable and bizarre things, that even though he's being nice by saying I'm awesome and beautiful, it's inappropriate to say when I'm obviously displeased with his behavior, that he is overbearing, that I really do mean that he should hang out with large groups of people and not single out a girl because nobody's ready for that, and that he needs to be honest with everybody about the way he feels about the church. If he has a testimony, then go to church because you know it's true; not because you have a crowd of friends. If you don't believe one precept of the religion, stop pretending and wasting time.

I'm frustrated by this whole situation. Leave comments on what I or Brent should do. Be nice to the boy, though. Or don't...whatever. If he reads, he reads. He'll be pissed off probably, but as I stated earlier, I'm so over it.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Four jobs you have had in your life:
4? I haven't had that many.
French TA
Physics TA
Instructrice d'anglais

Four movies you could watch over and over:
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Waiting for Guffman
Galaxy Quest
Reality Bites

Four places you've lived:
New Orleans, LA
Provo, UT
San Diego, CA
Pontcharra, France

Four TV shows you love to watch:
The Apprentice
Daily Show/Colbert Report

Places you've been on vacation:
Disney World
San Diego
Salt Lake City
New Orleans
Black Forest
Six Flags (Dallas)
Hot Springs, AR
San Francisco
Las Vegas
North Carolina
Ft. Walton Beach
Gulf Shores

Four of your favorite foods:
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger
Mongolian beef from PF Chang's
Chicken strips

Four places you'd rather be right now:
In France
In a jacuzzi
In the snow

Four sites you visit daily:
Molly Knight
The Superficial

Four Bloggers I am tagging:
Laura Llew

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Y'all, I went to Wal-Mart tonight to buy some volleyballs for a tournament tomorrow, and I WALKED RIGHT UP TO A CASHIER WITHOUT WAITING IN LINE!!! Can you believe that?! I never thought it possible. And she wasn't even just opening up her line! It's the most amazing thing that's happened in weeks. WAL-MART!

Last weekend, I coined a new term: "to TV." It is a verb (but it can be converted into an adjective), and it comes from scenes in TV shows where, usually, 2 people are talking about another person who is no more than 5 feet away and couldn't possibly miss the conversation about them that is in no way being whispered or masked from the object person. For example, Billy, Angela and Tina are sitting on the couch watching a game, when Tina has a strong desire to tell Angela about seeing Billy groping some girl at the movies the night before and he was slobbering all over the place like a Great Dane or something. Tina gets Angela to go to the back of the room (5 feet away) to tell her, all the while Billy is sitting there on the couch (I could gleek* on him, he's so close!) not hearing word one of the conversation. These scenes always get on my nerves because HE'S RIGHT THERE!!! You know what I'm talking about? weekend I went with my friends, the Browns, to Shreveport to play. Sunday, Tara and I were in Old Navy looking at purses or something when this girl walked by. I instantly recognized her as a girl we went to high school with, but we didn't get along at all. Also, there's a whole history that explains our disdain. So, I immediately did the urgent yell whisper, "TARA! TARA! LOOK!" Tara looked and turned back to me with a look of evil glee on her face. (HOW OLD ARE WE, Y'ALL, ACTING LIKE 3-YEAR OLDS?!) So we kind of get in this stealth position behind nothin', starin' at the girl, talkin' about her grey hair (We are flawless, thank you!), wonderin' if that was her third husband with her, and SHE IS FIVE FEET AWAY! But she doesn't acknowledge us, and not taking notice = not hearing, apparently. We were so TV, y'all! We were TVing out all up in that place! So the girl and her companion left the store. We rushed to the windows, NOSES TO THE GLASS, to see which car they were getting into. On the passenger window, it said, "I am the bride." Husband number 3, at least. On the rear window, it said, "Just married!" And on another window was "Git 'er done!" What part of the sticks do you have to be from that that is an acceptable get-away-car slogan? Gross!

gleek n : to project saliva directly from one's saliva glands at a nearby target, usu., another person