Wednesday, January 11, 2006

While reading another blog tonight, I was inspired to jot down a few unknown-to-you details about myself. Here they are:

I tell people that I would never see certain movies because they seem like they are going to be sad. Then, I always go see them by myself because I don't like for others to see me cry, but a girl's got to let that emotion out somehow.

Most of the time, I keep Cheese Nips and coke close by my bed because it's what I crave in the middle of the night.

I belt out the theme to Cirque de Soleil's Alegria (the film adaptation) when I'm alone.' una luz de la vida, alegria... Ah...I love that song.

I go for walks by myself in the middle of the night.

The idea of ever having to watch kids shows is my contraceptive...well, that and the fact that I'm not married.

Some days I am perfectly content staying in bed all day and watching all of the Mythbusters episodes that are saved on my TiVo.

I TiVo Elimidate, Blind Date, and Next.

Primarily, I wear reading glasses because I think they are sexy.

I regret things that I wrote in my yearbook from my freshman year of high school. I want to throw it away, but I don't know where I'd get another.

I detest most responsibilities I have; I hate to be tied down.

I still have all of the New Kids on the Block cards that I collected in junior high school.

I have a fairly large collection of He-man action figures in my closet; I had such a crush on him, which probably means that he is gay. I'm sorry, He-man. Now, get out of my closet!


At 13:02, Blogger April said...

Cheese Nips... Mmmm...

I have an embarrassingly large amount of NKOTB memorabilia from my junior high days.

I also hate letting others see me cry. I need to always be in control.

At 15:47, Blogger Emmie said...

I used to have a crush on He-man, too! And I've dated several gay men. But let's not analyze this too much . . .

At 23:44, Blogger metamorphose said...

I keep close tabs with not Cheese Nips, but with Cheezits, rather, and I admit not to being a fan of Coke, but of the Diet. I know. How Mormon of me.

Wasn't She-ra supposed to be He-man's beard? I always knew there was some hidden complexity to their relationship. Now I know why.

At 00:32, Blogger Kiki said...

i thought they were cousins or something related.

At 09:28, Blogger Rachel said...

He-Man and She-Ra were indeed cousins.

I have to agree with Metamorphose that I prefer Cheezits and Diet Coke.

I'm jealous over the NKOTB and He-Man memorabilia.

And I also hate for people to see me cry.

Can I be in the cool kid club now?!

At 13:00, Blogger kristenlibrarian said...

DUDE! I planed on marring He-Man. He was so hot! *pathetic'd*

And the whole responsibility and being tied down thing - I concur on the deepest level of concurrence possible.

At 14:25, Blogger metamorphose said...

They were cousins?! It's more complex than I thought.

At 14:57, Blogger redlaw said...

They were kissing cousins...only He-man was busy fantasizing about Skeletor....VH1 told me so, so it must be true....

At 17:58, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

You should all watch the He-Man Christmas Special (or not, depending on your tolerance for really bad movies.)

It is a good idea for a post.

At 01:03, Blogger Kiki said...

Where can I get my hands on the He-Man Christmas Special?! I want to see it.

At 10:37, Blogger kristenlibrarian said...

NEW He-Man movie!!


At 23:33, Blogger Rachel said...

i still have all of my nkotb videos...official, and home-taped. i used to be such a nut!

At 23:41, Anonymous ty said...

Add me to the cheezits crowd.

I refuse to comment on He-Man except by not commenting on it.

At 16:53, Blogger Strude said...

My dad's friend once made a joke about if he had to wear those furry speedo's He-Man wore, he would have turned them inside-out.

I didn't get the joke until I was a little older.

He-Man was ruined.


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