Monday, January 23, 2006

Oxygen Bar

Oxygen bar
When I went down to New Orleans two weekends ago, I went with my friends to a restaurant called Sweet Fire and Ice. It had a great atmosphere. The tables were all an inch away from each other, so that part sucked. And the dressing for the Thai chicken salad tasted like peanut butter with vinegar. That part was gross. But one of my friends gave me ten bucks to go try out the oxygen bar. For those of you not in the know, you go to the oxygen bar to inhale pure, "flavored" oxygen for as long as they allow you on 10 bucks or whatever your local oxygen bar's price is. I got a sucky outlet; my flavors were sublime, which was something like flowers and citrus; jasmine...ew!; peach, which was broken; and mandarine. It was kind of a waste of a Hamilton. I was bored for 10 minutes, and my nose was barraged by very strong, unpleasant smells. And my nose felt like it was being rubbed raw. I'm so suing if my septum disintegrates. The guy sitting next to me was so wasted and kept telling me to "breathe in real deep so you can feel it". I was all, "whatever," and continued talking to my friends so I wouldn't die of boredom. A few minutes later, he tapped me again on the shoulder imploring me, "You got to breathe in real deep to feel it." This happened three or four times until I turned to him, and yelled, "It's OXYGEN, you moron!!!" Luckily, he was both happy-drunk and weaponless. I don't think you can call someone a moron anymore without moron poppin' a cap in yo' @$$!


At 15:57, Blogger April said...

I've seen those oxygen things before, but I've never tried one. What is the point of it? And I'm not trying to be a smartass, I'm really asking for an answer.

Happy drunks are better than crying drunks, I always say. And by always, I mean this is the first time.

At 00:38, Blogger AzĂșcar said...

They gave me Oxygen at the hospital once. It wasn't colored or flavored. Didn't do much for me, and they charged me a hell of a lot more than $10.00

I'll take my regular O2 with some particulate matter, thank you very much.

At 18:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow,talk about someone who might be a "little " high maintaince. Oxygen has countless benefits. Energy,stamina,recovery from cancer. Cancer cells can't thrive with oxygen present. Weight loss and could help you from getting a dwi. For $10, what do u want. Really.

At 07:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No hangovers!!!!!


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