Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Open iTunes/iPod or Windows Media Player to answer the following. Go to your library.

How many songs?

Days worth of music?

Sort by song title:
-First song: '97 Bonnie & Clyde - Tori Amos
-Last Song: Zweites Finale (excerpt): "Tamino mein! O welch ein Glück!" from Mozart's Die Zauberflöte

Sort by time:
-Shortest Song: Blank - John Mayer (0:06)
-Longest Song: The Beekeeper - Tori Amos - Boston 8.21.05 (12:59)

Sort by album:
-First Song: Sweetheart - Mariah Carey
-Last Song: The Wanderer - U2

Top Six Most Played Songs:
1. Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush
2. En Apesanteur - Calogero
3. Tear In Your Hand - Tori Amos
4. A Sorta Fairytale (101 Mix) - Tori Amos
5. Carbon - Tori Amos
6. Caught A Lite Sneeze

First song that comes up on Shuffle:
Under Pressure - David Bowie

Search ....

"sex", how many songs come up?
21. I'm not obsessed; I just like TLC.

"blood", how many songs come up?

"death/dead", how many songs come up?
42. Thank you, Dead Milkmen

"love", how many songs come up?

"you", how many songs come up?

"it", how many songs come up?

"f***", how many songs come up?
1...Thank you, Smashing Pumpkins

"holy", how many songs come up?
1...Thank YOU, Led Zeppelin


At 13:59, Blogger April said...

I'm not cool enough to own an iPod. *sigh*

At 15:37, Blogger Azúcar said...

Good one! My iPod is new, so I've been busy transferring things over.

2798 items (I am so not done yet)
40.6 days

1st: S'Wonderful, Ella Fitzgerald
Lst: Zooropa, U2

1st:[Untitled Track] Jill Scott (.04 seconds)
Lst: Bizarre Love Triangle (extended) New Order, at 789:57 So I think that might be an error. The one before is: To Russell, My Brother, Whom I slept With, Bill Cosby at 26:42

1st:Hello, Oasis (What's the Story Morning Glory)
Lst:You Shook Me All Night Long, AC/DC, Album is blank. For one with an actual Album listed last it's also The Wanderer, U2.

Top Six:
1.Lazy Sunday Video SNL
2. I Didn't Want To Need You, Heart
3. You Send Me, Sam Cooke
4. Ritmo Total, Enrique Iglesias
5. Poor Little Fool, Ricky Nelson
6. Shoebox, BNL

First song on shuffle:
Freestyle, Depeche Mode, Ultra

At 15:43, Blogger Azúcar said...

Sex: 2
Blood:22 (special thanks, White Stripes)
Dead/Death: 30 (plenty of Death Cab, of course!)
Love: 201
You: 378
It: 885
F@#$:1 (Lewis Black, everybody!)
Holy: 17

Gangsta: 4
Rich: 39
Hot: 45

At 23:03, Blogger Kiki said...

789:57?! A Bizarre Love Triangle extended mix?! I want THAT! I have been so Bizarre Love Triangling it lately. I've just really been in the mood for some New Order. But 30 days worth of ONE song?! That has got to be a mistake for sure. But, boy howdy, would that be fun!


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