Saturday, January 07, 2006

Chunks rising at sea
Shouldn't have had the lobster
Get me back to dock
--Fab 5

My friend, EA, is in town for the holiday season. The other night she was bragging about how much stuff she has in her wallet when I saw THE "GAYEST" LIBRARY CARD EVER!!!

Kentucky is secure enough in its sexuality to issue such a card. You won't, however, be seeing any library cards with farmyard animals on them. That would be taboo.

Also, I promise to get a better picture of the card. I didn't have my Christmas present with me when I first saw the card.


At 11:02, Blogger metamorphose said...

Hilarious! I wish my library card was that gay.

At 14:29, Blogger Laura said...

My library card is from Transylvania County which has its own appeal, just not the lesbo loving kind. (Which let's face it - is the best kind.)

At 15:50, Anonymous Barret said...

Gay library card? hmm... was it appealing?

At 22:09, Blogger redlaw said...

Kentucky also has rainbow license plates - I don't think it's a security issue - I think it's a "Kentucky has a huge gay community" issue. And I say that as one who loves the state of Kentucky - GO UK!!! Love me that basketball team!!!
Because, what's not to love about southern gays? They're polite, well-bred, and have killer fashion sense.

At 14:25, Blogger April said...

Do you think rainbows ever get mad that they're considered gay?

I'm ridiculous.


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