Thursday, November 03, 2005

While my dad and I were eating lunch today, there were two women seated at a table ACROSS THE RESTAURANT from us, and one of them was VERY LOUD! When she walked in, my dad noticed this device she was carrying and wanted to know what it was. Thanks to her VERY LOUD TALKING, BAM! SOLVED! It was a speaker phone for her cellphone. Was she planning on holding LOUD phone conversations in the restaurant for all to hear? Then, she started talking about ver-sales.
"You know, in France."
"That big castle thing but it isn't a castle."
"HOLY CRAP! HOLY, HOLY, HOLY CRAP! She is not saying 'VER-SALES' instead of 'VERSAILLES'!"

This lady was at least in her upper forties. Where had she spent, I don't know, HER ENTIRE LIFE that she didn't know how to pronounce that?! Her friend caught on at the same time as I and corrected her, thank god! And she squealed, "Oh, is THAT how you say it? I never knew." And then the next thing she said almost killed me. "I've been there twice, and I never knew how to say it." W. T. F?! I almost burst into tears right at the table. She didn't know that she was VERY LOUDLY and MOST-IGNORANTLY killing me LOUDLY. I knew nothing was right in the world when the last thing I heard her say was, "Yeah, I'm ordering the dress from Vera Wang." LIFE. IS. NOT. FAIR! (Note: I am not saying I want to order anything from Vera Wang. I am simply implying that people that stupid and out of touch with the world should not have the money to spend on a dress made by Vera Wang.)


At 13:53, Blogger April said...

I agree. Totally unfair.
And why the hell would you bring a speaker phone into a restaurant? Ugh.

At 17:34, Blogger metamorphose said...

Ew...hate people like that. Oh well, I'm sure her husband is banging somebody else.

See, you can always count on me to look on the bright side. :)

At 18:23, Anonymous Ty said...

And that's why we should have the ability to do a citizen's arrest or citizen's disciplinary action when it comes to cell phones. Or you could use your cell to report her for disturbing the peace.

At 19:41, Blogger Laura said...

I want a dress from Vera Wang. Actually, if I had a VW wedding dress I would get married just because I had it. I mean if Ben refused I'd just find someone else because screw the marriage it's all about THE DRESS.

Also, I miss you. You haven't been on-line lately and I'm all a-pining.

At 18:11, Blogger The Walrus said...

Cellphones should be on silent in restaurants....surely people would think it's rude to combine eating and speaking? That's just disgusting and ignorant.

At 12:34, Blogger Girly Girl said...

If you want over 18 adults only dating then Swinger Dating is the site for you. Totally free too :)

At 13:22, Blogger Kiki said...


P.S. Don't click on that link unless you want to see porn. I wish I had had such a warning before thinking I was about to see something amusing. NOPE!

At 13:36, Blogger April said...

I mistakenly clicked one such link before. Instant porn virus. In the public library. It was HORRIBLE. So freaking embarrassing.

Why do people keep advertising porn on blogs? I mean, if you're intelligent enough to be able to blog, I think you'd be smart enough to know how to look up porn if you really wanted to. Right?

At 15:10, Blogger Rachel said...

Metamorphose - I totally laughed out loud. I like the way you think, young lady.

John - Now I feel guilty because I have totally talked on the phone in a restaurant before. Well, does the Olive Garden count as a restaurant? It wasn't all champagne and chi-chi dresses or anything... I am shamed.

Carrie - I really appreciated this entry because I say snotty things about crappy French like this at work all the time and my coworkers think I'm snobby and elitist. Thanks for reminding me it's just good sense.

At 23:31, Blogger Emmie said...

Life is so not fair. OF COURSE she has money. She can probably visit Versailles whenever she wants. And she won't even appreciate it.

P.S. I am a French snob, even though I was a missionary in Quebec where they speak crazy French.

At 04:50, Blogger Nemesis said...

Ugh. I kind of hate that lady. Reminds me of the time I ended up on the Chunnel w/a loud group of fellow Americans who kept exclaiming, LOUDLY, that they couldn't find the entrance to the "Loo-ver." All they could see was the big pyramid, but no entrance.

All the French people on the train were quietly sniggering, and I kept sinking lower and lower in my chair.

At 20:41, Anonymous jay said...

My hatred of mobile phone users along with filthy lucre.......well.....why'd i click on this link??? now i gotta go have a cigarette and try to calm myself down!

(oh, sure, i'll agree with vera wang being a nice choice, but....GAH!!)


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