Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Confessions from a dance floor. The new Madonna disc is out, and IT. IS. AWESOME! The entire album has a great upbeat tempo that makes ME wanna get out on the dance floor. Besides the beat, my favorite thing about it is that the music never stops from one track to the next. All of the songs flow into each other, like being in a club. GO GET IT NOW!

Now...for the lyrics... Madonna is as profound as a celebrity-created relig...spirituality. My minions went a searchin' Madge's trash and came back with this paper that was apparently the first place she wrote the lyrics to track 5, "I love New York". Actually, I do not claim that it came from her trash or that she wrote it, but I do assert that those are the lyrics to that song. The minions just went dumpster diving chez-elle and came back with this: (Click to enlarge and read)

Yeah, I amuse myself.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

While my dad and I were eating lunch today, there were two women seated at a table ACROSS THE RESTAURANT from us, and one of them was VERY LOUD! When she walked in, my dad noticed this device she was carrying and wanted to know what it was. Thanks to her VERY LOUD TALKING, BAM! SOLVED! It was a speaker phone for her cellphone. Was she planning on holding LOUD phone conversations in the restaurant for all to hear? Then, she started talking about ver-sales.
"You know, in France."
"That big castle thing but it isn't a castle."
"HOLY CRAP! HOLY, HOLY, HOLY CRAP! She is not saying 'VER-SALES' instead of 'VERSAILLES'!"

This lady was at least in her upper forties. Where had she spent, I don't know, HER ENTIRE LIFE that she didn't know how to pronounce that?! Her friend caught on at the same time as I and corrected her, thank god! And she squealed, "Oh, is THAT how you say it? I never knew." And then the next thing she said almost killed me. "I've been there twice, and I never knew how to say it." W. T. F?! I almost burst into tears right at the table. She didn't know that she was VERY LOUDLY and MOST-IGNORANTLY killing me LOUDLY. I knew nothing was right in the world when the last thing I heard her say was, "Yeah, I'm ordering the dress from Vera Wang." LIFE. IS. NOT. FAIR! (Note: I am not saying I want to order anything from Vera Wang. I am simply implying that people that stupid and out of touch with the world should not have the money to spend on a dress made by Vera Wang.)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The next time anyone wants to accuse me of being obsessed with Tori Amos, please go here and pick a thread...any thread...and read. I'll give you a couple of threads to read:
A picture some people find "amazing".
This is probably my favorite one.

No, I am not obsessed. I am a healthy, balanced fan...a little more fannier of her than of anyone else, but stable.