Wednesday, October 05, 2005

So I finally got around to opening up a birthday gift from my parents TWO YEARS ago. It's been sitting in a bag on the floor in my dad's office until I had a bed to use it on, and while it's a little too big for my full-size bed, it's out and it's mine and I love it. However, I'm sure you can see the problem in this picture. It just does. not. go. with the Poor Richard's Almanac curtains. My mom and I are currently looking for replacements, so hopefully those will soon be gone. I also hope that I can get rid of the mauve Sante Fe style border crowning my walls...and the pictures of my dad in bootcamp and the picture of his dental school class and the ship g-ma painted. I'm slowly trying to make my room my own instead of my dad's-as-a-13-year-old-boy-spruced-up-by-mauve-Santa-Fe-style-border.


At 14:04, Blogger metamorphose said... room. Yeah, those curtains and mauve border have got to go. Good luck with that. Nice bedding, though.

At 16:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That bedspread is gorgeous!! So jealous. I think I would feel very smug if I owned it.

At 22:20, Blogger Laura said...

I remember you mentioning that bedspread back when you got it! Huzzah for a sign that my memory isn't failing me in my old age.

Which reminds me of a funny line that I read on another blog of, "I turn 26 in an hour and a half. I think I'm going to start saying 'You're a comfort to me in my declining years' when people are nice to me instead of 'Thank you' from here on out." Heh

But ANYWAY that comforter is very I Dream Of Genie. What are your feelings on scarves worn as veils?

At 22:47, Blogger Kiki said...

Is the scarf/veil hiding a birth defect? Then, YES!

At 12:29, Blogger kristenlibrarian said...

Jealous!! Very global.


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