Sunday, October 09, 2005

I wasted 5 hours and 40 minutes of my life today. Thanks, Atlanta Braves, for doin' your post-season thang!

That was THE LONGEST GAME EVER in playoff history, and the Braves, in true Braves post-season fashion, BLEW. IT! In the eighth inning, they were up 6-1. I just knew they were going to win, and I soon would be able to start my Sunday nap. But NO! NO! EFFING! WAY! The Astros tied the game, and the game continued without ado for 8-1/2 innings! By the time the 18th rolled around, I had long quit caring who would win the game. At the bottom of the 18th, Roger Clemens led off, and he gave a good, solid homerun swing to the pitch. He missed, and the commentators said things like, "He was going to win the game with that one!" and "Roger's never hit a homerun before. Why not try something you've never done?!" So I thought, "Yeah! GO, ROGER! HIT YOU A HOMERUN!" I didn't care. It would have been pretty awesome to see. I'd seen him do so much over his career, so I was ready to see him hit a homerun. I still haven't see him hit a homerun because he struck out. However, I did see the next batter hit a homerun. Game over. I was so glad it was over.

When the game reached the 14th inning, I thought that I should go on to do more important things, like preparing for a test I have Tuesday. But I had already invested so much time, that I couldn't leave then. No. I'm a moron. And the Braves continue to be underwhelming in the post-season. Honestly, who cares if you win 14 division titles in a row when you can't progress past the division series? And more importantly, why do I continue to watch them for seven months every year when it always ends in disappointment. I guess this is what having a prodigal son must feel like.


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