Thursday, October 20, 2005

How does a new TiVo owner spend the afternoon after finishing a week of hard schooling and testing? Well, she spends 9 hours catching up on shows she's been missing; that's how. And these are observations/comments I have:

The Colbert Report: FUNNIEST. SHOW. ON. TV! It's a new fake-news series on after The Daily Show (now the 2nd funniest show on TV). I laughed for halves of hours today (minus commercials. The joy!).

Mythbusters: LOSE THE INTERNS or whatever those youngsters are called. I hate them on there. They're like super-annoying-Jamie/Adam-fans. GO! AWAY!

Next: I'm not sure how I got hooked on this show, but the choice hails back to my BYU days when I would go home with friends for lunch and a coupla hours of what we liked to call "Smut TV". I love me some that! Anyway, Next shouldn't have nice Mormon boys on their show because that makes for boring "Smut TV". And, Mormon boy, what were you doing on "Smut TV" anyway?

I'm a little perplexed by other shows that get recorded to my TiVo, who's name is Max. Maybe someone can help a girl out. I don't watch JAG, but g-ma does. The TV she watches is in the front of the house. Now, even though Max isn't hooked up to that TV, does he still get what she's watching and thus programs himself to record the show? Because he's also been recording some John Wayne movies, and I in NO WAY ordered or hinted that! Lemme know.


At 22:52, Blogger Laura said...

The interns are annoying. Ben thinks they all met at Robot wars. Which is geeky but not as geeky as the fact that he thinks this because they all have robots that he has seen at such wars.

Also, I just watched the BEST episode of Cheaters ever. The suspect's last name was "Hooker" and they were playing that up. "As he escorts the provocatvie hooker into the building." Mwahahaha - classic television!

At 13:10, Blogger metamorphose said...

Long live the Duke!

At 16:31, Blogger April said...

I also LOVE the Colbert Report! So freaking funny!

At 13:38, Blogger redlaw said...

I would like to say that though I do not have Tivo and have yet to catch an episode of the Colbert Report (which fills me with more angst than my pathetic attempts at a love life), I did recently acquire the second season of Arrested Development which has filled my days with endless joy.

PS - I have no idea what to do about the John Wayne stuff...


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