Sunday, October 30, 2005


I went to see U2 last night in Dallas. It was amazing! My favorite part of the show was probably when Bono pulled a guy up to play guitar with them for a song. I know they do this almost every show, but the guy wanted to play ANGEL OF freaking HARLEM! I LOVE that song. They probably hadn't played that song in years, which was made evident by Bono's making up lyrics for most of the song. The kid they pulled up was killer on the guitar, not The Edge killer, but great nonetheless. It was probably the coolest moment of his entire life sharing a mic with Bono and dueling with The Edge. And "Angel of Harlem"...SO GOOD...even though Bono had no idea what he was saying half of the time.

Here are some of my post-concert chats with buddies so you can get a sense of what happened tonight:

Ty: how was the concert?
Carrie: it was AWESOME!
T: rockin
C: U2 puts on THE. BEST. SHOW. and bono is the man.
C: seriously larger than life, those guys.
T: what constitutes a great show concertwise?
C: and they really know how to make a crowd feel good.
C: first, their stage set up was awesome. if it didn't induce some seizures, they failed.
C: they had this huge oval catwalk on the floor with a round stage in the far end of the oval. the catwalk and stage were surrounded lights that RACED around and changed colors during some songs.
T: ah
C: lights everywhere with great effects.
T: I once watched a pianist who had running lights that didn't work so well as that
C: that would have been funny to see.
T: it would have been
C: it was very energetic and intense at times
T: did anyone fly?
T: does Bono fly?
C: i'm watching espn right now, and they are talking about dress codes in schools, i.e., (according to some black professional athletes) making poor, black students conform.
C: no one flew, but bono did disappear and reappear at different places.
T: celebrities need to either play their sports, sing their songs, or read their lines and just shut up about the world at large.
C: these guys are MISSING THE POINT
T: I say that, and here we are talking about Bono.

(I totally missed that line, or we would have talked all about Bono's fingers being in political pies all around the world. Durnig the concert, he did talk about the ONE organization that he is affiliated with. I believe. He told us to text our names to a number that was shown on the screen. Now I'm sure I will get stuff from ONE all the time, but my name was up there on the screen at the end of the show.)


Carrie: i just got back from drooling over bono.
James: deb says she hates you.
C: oh well
C: it's a lie
J: what's a lie?
C: her hating me is a lie
C: i really did just get out of a U2 concert
c: the stage set-up ws killer
J: did deb tell you we went to the sugarland/sara evans/brad paisley concert? 8th row was actually good......but trust me i wasn't singing along to any songs.
C: yeah, that sounds like country. may i turn your attention here: from the hip
C: i love hotels with wireless internet, by the way.
J: where are you? are you at home?
C: i'm in dallas
C: what? you think U2 came to MONROE?
J: i guess you are right,,,monroe being the hot spot, not sure if alot of the "common folk" would attend, unless they came to sunday service.
C: well, a U2 concert is a little bit like church.
J: U2 like church? ok, i could see that, but it is a stretch.


Carrie: my head is killing me
Ben: heh.. loud?
Carrie: yelling
Carrie: and screaming
Carrie: and concussions from swooning and hitting the ground
Carrie: what?!
Ben: that's what you were screaming at bono
Carrie: then i yelled that'
Ben: you want to BE his leather pantaloons
Carrie: i was sitting next to a married guy who was hitting on me
Carrie: his wife was sitting in another section
Ben: awesome
Carrie: he bought me water when he went to get a beer because i had told him in a previous conversation that i didn't drink alcohol
Ben: lol... cool
Ben: maybe he was just nice
Ben: and you were all like.. "pervert"
Carrie: no...he was talking about kissing me
Ben: LOL... WHAT?
Ben: WHAT?
Ben: what did he say?
Carrie: i'm not kidding
Ben: "hey.. my wife went to get a beer... mmmm let's make out"
Carrie: "man, if you had binoculars, i would totally make out with you...not that we can't."
Ben: hahaha
Ben: awesome
Carrie: his wife was a knockout too
Carrie: what a freak he was
Ben: was his wife sitting there when he said this?
Ben: maybe she doesn't care... maybe she's bi and they have an open marriage
Carrie: no, her ticket was in another section. i offered to have her trade with me, but he said, "'s good. we don't have to do that."
Ben: haha... lordy
Ben: if you're planning on making out with someone.. it's just rude not to invite your spouse to join in.
Carrie: he left early for some reason. his wife yelled at him and had a look of despair on her face.
Ben: my goodness.. the morals on these people today
Ben: they probably hate each other
Carrie: maybe she was on-call or something...she's a doctor.
Carrie: it made me wonder if they were swingers.
Ben: probably
Carrie: because he didn't hold back at all
Ben: i wish i had been there
Ben: it'd be hilarious
Ben: i'd be like "hey dude.. wanna make out"
Ben: but then i'd be worried if he was like "let's do it!"
Carrie: he probably would have
Ben: lol
Ben: he sounds... odd
Ben: i can't believe he was trying to get you to make out
Ben: maybe he just wanted his wife to see it
Ben: or maybe they are swingers. i dunno.. lol
Ben: i wonder if open marriages "work"
Carrie: i don't understand it
Carrie: people is crazy
Carrie: i have got to lay down before my head explodes.


From the set-up to the setlist to Bono's strutting around the stage/catwalk (He is THE MAN!) to Larry Mullins, Jr. getting some catwalk love (FINALLY!) with a little drum kit placed out there for a song, U2 was awesome. And they're such a "feel-good" band. They want everyone to be happy and to be able to enjoy peace and freedom and equality. They know how to ignite the soul and pump energy into every person in the arena. It's so intense being in a U2 crowd. I loved it.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

My hating country music is not a secret; in fact, it's one of the things I do best. A couple of my friends love it, and they are always trying to get me to listen to some P.O.S. song. The fact is this: I'm never going to like it. EVER. I don't want to like it. I don't want to give it a chance. Some people may tell me that I can't say I don't like pig testicles if I've never tried them, but I'm never going to try them because that is just gross. Country music = pig testicles, except I have tried country music. So I guess country music = cow intestine. My hate stems from a combination of things: crap stories, tinny music, sung by twangy hicks, and none of the singers are nice to look at. They usually grow mullets for no apparent reason, and the mullets tend to be curly. They, the men and Jodi...Jodee...Jody...Joedee...Messomething, cut the sleeves off of their shirts. Ugh! I could go on for hours about what I hate about the country genre, but I think I've already written about that.

What I want to discuss tonight is my specific distaste for Toby Keith. First, the obvious: his name is Toby. Did his mama think he was going to stop aging at three? Second, he's way too "USA IS NUMBER ONE!" for me. Yeah, I love this country, but this isn't a football game. I HATE^n any song he sings. I don't care if it is about sittin' on Jesus' lap listening to sweet words of love and peace. I hate it....ever since that puffed-up song stating that we should stick a boot up someone's ass blah, blah, blah. Again...this isn't a monster truck rally or a night at the saloon. I could never take anything he sings/does seriously. And for the longest time now, he's appeared in a certain Ford truck commercial. THE MOST ANNOYING COMMERCIAL EVER. He sings, "I'm a Ford truck man; that's all I drive." Now, "man" and "drive" do not rhyme; they never have, and they never will. They just don't have vowel sounds that are anything alike. However, he tries to MAKE THEM RHYME in the commercial. He contorts "drive" so hideously that it's almost unrecognizable. Has anyone else seen this thing? It makes me a little bit crazy every time it comes on. I hate it. Toby Keith, SHUT UP!

And for the record, I consider blue grass far more artistic and creative than country, hence, I will listen to it on occasion...when it comes on Austin City Limits or Soundstage. But as for me and my house, CMT is banned.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A thing I've learnt since my last entry: stays = corset.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

A certain person I know is reading a book entitled Lord of Sin. In case you were wondering, it's not a glimpse into the existence of Satan. The phrase on the cover below the title says, "He's never met a woman who didn't want him. Until now." I was going to put a random quote from the book up here, but...okay...I will.

Somehow they removed the gown and petticoats and headdress. The sight of her kneeling on his bed in stays and chemise awed him. Proud and tall, she watched as he thrust the billowing garments away. Her disheveled hair, still bound but loosened, looked like that of a woman who had already been well pleasured. Her expression welcomed more. Demanded it.

A true fan of the classical canon, this one.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

How does a new TiVo owner spend the afternoon after finishing a week of hard schooling and testing? Well, she spends 9 hours catching up on shows she's been missing; that's how. And these are observations/comments I have:

The Colbert Report: FUNNIEST. SHOW. ON. TV! It's a new fake-news series on after The Daily Show (now the 2nd funniest show on TV). I laughed for halves of hours today (minus commercials. The joy!).

Mythbusters: LOSE THE INTERNS or whatever those youngsters are called. I hate them on there. They're like super-annoying-Jamie/Adam-fans. GO! AWAY!

Next: I'm not sure how I got hooked on this show, but the choice hails back to my BYU days when I would go home with friends for lunch and a coupla hours of what we liked to call "Smut TV". I love me some that! Anyway, Next shouldn't have nice Mormon boys on their show because that makes for boring "Smut TV". And, Mormon boy, what were you doing on "Smut TV" anyway?

I'm a little perplexed by other shows that get recorded to my TiVo, who's name is Max. Maybe someone can help a girl out. I don't watch JAG, but g-ma does. The TV she watches is in the front of the house. Now, even though Max isn't hooked up to that TV, does he still get what she's watching and thus programs himself to record the show? Because he's also been recording some John Wayne movies, and I in NO WAY ordered or hinted that! Lemme know.

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
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Sunday, October 16, 2005


This will be the first in a possible series of games I will call "Find the Mormon".

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Say hello to the latest and greatest owner of TiVo! I've been coveting the machine for a long time now, so since TiVo is having giving an awesome rebate right now AND I got my check for August/September TA'ing, I BOUGHT ONE! I had to order it online, though, because the only store in town that sells them was out, but it's totally fine because I ordered it from which doesn't charge tax or shipping! So DOUBLE BONUS. And it's good that I can't have it right this moment because I've got a lot of crap to do.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Dear people who answer the phone in the library (yeah, you!),

Go outside and have your conversation before I punch you in the neck.


Sunday, October 09, 2005

I wasted 5 hours and 40 minutes of my life today. Thanks, Atlanta Braves, for doin' your post-season thang!

That was THE LONGEST GAME EVER in playoff history, and the Braves, in true Braves post-season fashion, BLEW. IT! In the eighth inning, they were up 6-1. I just knew they were going to win, and I soon would be able to start my Sunday nap. But NO! NO! EFFING! WAY! The Astros tied the game, and the game continued without ado for 8-1/2 innings! By the time the 18th rolled around, I had long quit caring who would win the game. At the bottom of the 18th, Roger Clemens led off, and he gave a good, solid homerun swing to the pitch. He missed, and the commentators said things like, "He was going to win the game with that one!" and "Roger's never hit a homerun before. Why not try something you've never done?!" So I thought, "Yeah! GO, ROGER! HIT YOU A HOMERUN!" I didn't care. It would have been pretty awesome to see. I'd seen him do so much over his career, so I was ready to see him hit a homerun. I still haven't see him hit a homerun because he struck out. However, I did see the next batter hit a homerun. Game over. I was so glad it was over.

When the game reached the 14th inning, I thought that I should go on to do more important things, like preparing for a test I have Tuesday. But I had already invested so much time, that I couldn't leave then. No. I'm a moron. And the Braves continue to be underwhelming in the post-season. Honestly, who cares if you win 14 division titles in a row when you can't progress past the division series? And more importantly, why do I continue to watch them for seven months every year when it always ends in disappointment. I guess this is what having a prodigal son must feel like.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


So I finally got around to opening up a birthday gift from my parents TWO YEARS ago. It's been sitting in a bag on the floor in my dad's office until I had a bed to use it on, and while it's a little too big for my full-size bed, it's out and it's mine and I love it. However, I'm sure you can see the problem in this picture. It just does. not. go. with the Poor Richard's Almanac curtains. My mom and I are currently looking for replacements, so hopefully those will soon be gone. I also hope that I can get rid of the mauve Sante Fe style border crowning my walls...and the pictures of my dad in bootcamp and the picture of his dental school class and the ship g-ma painted. I'm slowly trying to make my room my own instead of my dad's-as-a-13-year-old-boy-spruced-up-by-mauve-Santa-Fe-style-border.

burichan said...
Yahtzee. That's what you need to do during your 8am Thursday class. Assign a number to each filler word--Ok is 1, um/uh is 2, etc. Then fill out your score card. If he says any one 5 times in a row, then that's a yahtzee. If you get two ahs followed by three oks, that's a full house.

Yesterday, I called my friend, Burichan, to vent. Earlier in the morning, I had gone to my Tuesday morning classes, the first of which I was trying to decide whether or not I hated it. Yesterday, my decision was finalized. I'm talking about the class with the professor who needs validation 400+ times per lecture. Okay? Alright? Yeah...him. He's just boring, and I can learn the stuff better on my own. But I have to go to class because ULM has THE STRICTEST attendence policy in the world, so I do other things during the obnoxiously long class. Sometimes I get bored with that, and I try to listen to his lecture. But all I hear is "Okay? Alright? Alright? Um...yeah...okay?", and it really grates on my nerves. REALLY. BADLY. In fact, I think I have little nervous breakdowns in there when I do listen to him. My heart starts racing and my head gets hot. Anyway, I was telling Burichan about it seeking advice on what I should do. I mean, I don't want the world to know who I am because Greta Van Susteren cannot let go of the news story where I was the last person seen with this professor and no one knows where he is and she's not going to leave Monroe until he is found.

Dear Greta,

No one needs that much of one story. You are the reason so many folks go into depression and PTSD.


We hadn't come up with a solution when I had to end our conversation because someone I saw in Target (where I was while holding this conversation) was standing there waiting to talk to me WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE WITH SOMEONE ELSE. I kept looking at her with the "Look, sweetheart! I will see YOU later." look. But no! She just stood there.

I love this Yahtzee idea, but I'm afraid I would be the only one playing. I don't think I could convince some of the people I sit around to play with me. I also chuckle at the idea of yelling, "YAHTZEE!" In the middle of class. I wouldn't ever do that, but boy, how I laugh inside.

Tuesday, I'm going to ask the professor who teaches the class I take after the one I hate if she is going to be teaching that course in the Spring. If she is, then I might drop this one and take it then. I don't know. I'll have to run it by my dad, I think, or my advisor. I don't know. I have to take the MCAT in April. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! But I'm on vacation today, so I'm not going to get worked up about it.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

It's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to.

I'm desperately wanting to go live in another country again for a while. GETTING. VERY. ANTSY.