Sunday, September 04, 2005

SO...I'm so sick of watching the news about the hurricane aftermath because now the reports are just filled with verbal abuse toward the government, and while I don't think Bush is the sharpest knife in the drawer, I don't think he deserves all of the criticism he's been getting either. Katrina was an awesome disaster. Although I know what it's like to look down on a mess and not know where to start in the clean-up process (Yes, several hurricanes have hit my bedroom in times past.), I can in no way fathom what the men in charge felt when the storm was gone and they could see that devastation. Of course, the first thing to do is figure out how to get the people out, but what are the rescuers supposed to do when they try to evacuate people and bring in food and they get shot at by the thugs down there? It's an impossible situation for our leaders as far as criticism goes. More troops are going to be sacrificed and gangsters are going to be killed as long as the lawlessness continues. I'm glad that almost all of the people have been evacuated now.

Saturday night on CNN I saw Celine Dion shouting and crying about how the government isn't doing enough and it is shooting at the people who "want to be saved". I wish she'd get her skinny little ass down there and try it herself instead of carry on like a freakshow, talking about things she doesn't know about. And don't even get me started on Kanye West's little verbal vomiting the other night. I'd get labels put on me for sure. In fact, I want all of the celebrities who aren't risking their baby-soft, callous-free skin to help the gulf-coast residents pick up the pieces to shut up!

This thing is so heart-breaking that I can hardly even talk about it to my friends without choking up. So many lives were lost, so much livelihood is gone, Louisiana's biggest and most beautiful city (one of the most beautiful in the country, in my opinion) is now third-world, crime has soared causing us to be prisoners in our own homes once the sun goes down, and there is an overall feeling of "Where do we even begin?" It's so over-whelming, even for us who are "sitting pretty" in the part of the state that was untouched by Katrina.

The beautiful thing is that the loss has unified a lot of people. We have some little communities forming here that have some extraordinary people in them. Some have put their wares together and set up their little village in an RV park, and during the day they go volunteer at the shelters themselves. The support from the area communities is amazing. Despite all of the negative things the storm has brought us, the good in the people has been manifested. It's inspiring.

I encourage y'all who aren't anywhere near here to make a donation to the Red Cross. There are several donation links to follow on that page. And for those few of you who are here, join me at the shelters this week and go with me to Mississippi this next weekend.


At 01:19, Blogger SaffronSaris said...

Hmm same here.
During Gulf War, the news was all about that, same with the Boxing Day tsunami.
Think I was overseas when the London bombings occured, and BBC was full of the same footage over and over and over again.

At 17:06, Blogger metamorphose said...

Well said, Carrie. I couldn't agree with you more. And I'll say it again, like I've said it a million times: DEATH TO CELINE DION!

At 18:54, Anonymous Ty said...

My hokey. Luckily, I'm missing all of that jazz. I can't say that I'm upset at missing news reports showing the devastation. Seeing photos is difficult enough.
It makes me want to stay in Japan for a while longer so I can try to pretend it's just "over there".

At 22:10, Blogger Kiki said...

Yeah, for years now I have been plotting my emigration to Tahiti.


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