Monday, September 26, 2005

I just want to take this moment to bash LSU football. JaMarcus Russell, you suck! Joseph Addai, catch the effing ball in a clutch! Offensive line, learn what an offensive line is supposed to do. Coach Miles, you are no Nick Saban, and you need to lose the white hat. You look like a dork. Also, if you do not help your offense to accomplish what I've told them they need to do and maybe start the backup QB, who is really good, (I gave no counsel to Russell. I'm not sure what I can tell him except he just needs to quit and to change his name to a real name.), then you, sir, are going to be looking for a new job by season's end. And I don't want to hear all of the hurricane B.S. Baton Rouge just got a coupla good kite-flyin' days. Get those boys straight and show me what SEC football is all about. Okay...1-2-3-BREAK!


At 08:43, Anonymous Marianne Wilcox said...

I'm afraid we're stuck with him for 3-4 years. Sigh Of course, I say< "BUY THE SUCKER OUT!!!"

At 12:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honey, you lost me at LSU.


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