Monday, September 19, 2005

I had a crappy day today. I wrecked Rich Whitey. I made her crash into the back of an ugly Pontiac GrandPrix. I'm very sad. Rich Whitey now has ugly pox marks. They aren't that big, but they are there. She doesn't deserve this. She may have to go in for some cosmetic surgery before all the other, less fortunate cars start making fun of her saying things like, "Hey, your French flag license plate is looking about as limp as its countrymen's wrists! Honk! Honk! Honk!" (Because she wears a French flag on the front, you see.) I would never willfully put her in such a situation. Just one brief moment of distraction... I'm sorry, Rich Whitey.

P.S. I did not give her that name.


At 12:10, Blogger redlaw said...


Tu et moi devons parler bientot - On a des voitures francaises qui ont des blessures - quelle tristesse!!

At 12:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for Rich Whitey's accident. I know I'd hate for anything to happen to my own Smokey Jones. Hope for a full recovery.

At 13:15, Blogger metamorphose said...

Rich Whitey! Smokey Jones! Man...I wish my car had that much personality. Sometimes I call her cupcake, but she really doesn't like that very much, and gets embarrassed if I say it in front of her friends.

Sorry bout the fender bender. That always equals a crappy day.

At 17:28, Blogger kristenlibrarian said...

Minty and I send our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

At 22:45, Blogger Kiki said...

Ma voiture est japonaise mais elle est francophile. Oui, nous devons tchatcher un de ces jours.

Thanks for the well wishes. Today I was feeling much better even though Rich Whitey wasn't.

At 08:17, Blogger redlaw said...

eh bon, la mienne est vraiment allamande mais elle pense qu'elle est francaise....and I don't have the heart to tell her the truth.


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