Friday, September 23, 2005

GUESS WHAT I GOT TODAY!!! What did I say I wanted for my birthday? A fridge full of coke and water? YESSSSSS! It's not my birthday yet, but my dad brought the stuff over today. Also, my sister quit her job and started at beauty school last week, so she's moving back in with my parents while she's doing that. She has all of her furniture stuffed into one room at their house, but they need a place to put an entertainment center with a flat-screen TV with DVD player! I got the benefit of that, too! So now my room is a pleasant place to be, and I will drink so much more water. I'm too lazy to walk the length of the house to get a glass of water. Now I have bottles of it less than 10 feet away from me. HEAVEN! Now if we can get rid of these curtains and wallpaper border... 23-09-05_2004


At 09:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How old will you be on your birthday?
Oh, and tell me your secret to fulfilling your birthday wishes, cuz I would LOVE to party with Jack Black!

At 10:52, Blogger Kiki said...

I don't know my secret, April. I just wrote it on my blog, and my parents made it come true. (It also helped that I was asking for things they have around the house anyway, you know, since they bought me a very expensive computer earlier in the Summer, and that's supposed to be my next 10 birthday AND Christmas presents.) I don't talk about my age anymore. It's depressing. I will be exactly one year older than Llew, if that'll help you out.

At 13:52, Blogger metamorphose said...

Happy pre-birthday to you! A mini-fridge...if I had somewhere in my bedroom for one, I'd have to get one myself. Actually...I think I'll just MAKE room.

And come on now! Age is just a number, right? Right?

At 08:49, Blogger Laura said...

One more week until our birthdays!

You know, you're the only reason that I no longer feel bad about turning older. Because I'm like well, "Carrie's __ and she's not unhip or old at ALL so being __ is going to RAWK!"

We didn't know each other very well when I turned 26, but you really helped me when you commented that that birthday was hard for you as well. It's like you're my big sister... without the whole being made your servant fo a day before I knew any better.

So, xo and here here to birthday wishes coming true!

At 12:34, Blogger Kiki said...

laura, if you go clean my room, i won't tell mom your latest secret.

At 10:00, Blogger redlaw said...

I don't know, Carrie - those curtains are pretty damn cool. They have that certain "Essence of Retro" about them.


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