Thursday, August 04, 2005

Today, I finished that physics lab. I went to turn in my test, and the lab instuctor had a question for me. She asked me how I would like to be a teaching assistant for the Fall semester. Considering I would be getting paid in gas money and that it would be a good thing to put on a medical school application, I said, "I would like it just fine." I went to talk to the guy in charge to tell him that I would like to do such work, and he said that they have to wait for their budget to come in to know if they will actually have money to pay assistants.

The offer came as a shock to me because of the yesterday-mentioned shananigans and my lack of care once I found out that pulling off an A was ruined. However, I also mentioned that Gerald and I had the highest grades in the class (despite my A-lessness), so she must have seen something good in me. (Gerald was not asked to be an assistant, which surprised me. I mean, he's not going to be here anyway, but she doesn't know that. Why wasn't he asked? He's got the best grade in the class! It's weird, I tell you.) And I will be the TA for the first half of the physics sequence, which I totally rocked on. (Gravity, y'all...everybody experiences it.) My professor for that class likes me; I think he wants be an assistant. That's why my current professor offered the job to me.

It's pretty cool, I guess, but so weird. I'm going to have a school job that pays me GAS MONEY! A fill-up a week! (Free gas, y'all!)


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