Wednesday, August 03, 2005

This term is going to be over on Friday. I cannot wait. This was possibly the worst class I've ever had to take. Today, I rejoiced as I handed in my final report on physics experiments. I will never have to do another one again. The thing I hated most about this section of physics is that the teacher isn't a very good one. He doesn't explain things very well. He glosses over them, actually, and he expects us to fill in the holes with out textbook reading. But guess what. The textbook doesn't explain concepts clearly either, so I am left there at a loss as to what in the world we are supposed to be doing. He talks about emf like it's something we should all be able to lecture on ourselves. The only thing I know about emf is that it is a one-hit wonder from the early 90s. You remember the song: The things you say, your purple prose just gives you away. The things you say; you're unbelievable. I have no idea what all of that means; it's about as clear as physics lectures.

A friend of mine, Gerald, is home from BYU for the Summer, and he has been taking the lecture and lab with me. We like to short circuit batteries when the teacher isn't looking, and she doesn't know why OUR batteries never have much juice in them. I can't believe she hasn't caught on with all of the shananigans we pull. Last week we were to measure radiation in the air, and we didn't want to just stand outside like dummies holding this machine. Instead, we stood in the middle of the road pointing the detector at on-coming cars. It was funny watching some of the drivers slow way down like a couple of kids on foot in street clothes were going to chase them down to give them a ticket or something. Or maybe the cars were slowing down because we were in the middle of the street. Our third lab partner, Stephanie, isn't quite sure what to think of us. She stood on the side of the road yelling/laughing at us. She always thinks we're going to get in trouble.

Stephanie hated some of my responses on my lab reports. See, all three of us turn in our reports, but the teacher only reads one of them randomly. Everyone in the group receives the same score. Many times we had to make predictions before testing an experiment, and after testing the experiment there was usually a question asking us if our prediction was the same as the outcome. She didn't think "Bingo" was a valid response to that question. I think it is perfectly fine. She would make disapproving remarks whenever she saw me write it on the paper. And she hated when I would rename Student 1 and Student 2 (There were little dialogs where the two "discussed" experiments and their hypotheses.) Grasshopper 1 and Grasshopper 2. She was sometimes a fuddy-duddy, but today when I was looking over her report to see what the teacher had corrected, I noticed that Stephanie had written "Bingo" as an answer, and the teacher didn't even count off for it. You are learning, Grasshopper.

I think the group that sits in front of us wants to lynch Gerald and me because we are so loud, and we are rarely doing anything that we should be doing (yet we have the highest grades in the class...odd...). I see them look back several times a day with disgusted faces. I can't help it if they suck. I don't think Gerald helps to win their good graces when he intentionally flicks his ruler over in their area multiple times per lab. And I'm not helping by laughing at it.

While I'm happy that the class ends in two days, I'm sad that I won't be taking anymore classes with Gerald. I finally had someone who was my intellectual equal in my class...and he's fun, too.


At 10:38, Blogger Laura said...

I remember that song! And never being able to understand what he was saying - for years I thought he was singing "your padded bras give you away." Then, purple prose was a question on jeopardy (answer: flowery insincere writing), and it all fit together.


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