Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Last night, Miss Laura lost her Tori Amos concert virginity in spectacular fashion when we went to Atlanta to see Tori Amos play. Y'all, it was my favorite show ever. It's hard to think that I could ask for a better show because she played some of my favorite songs that I have always wanted to hear that she rarely plays. I was freaking out, and Laura had no idea why I was so excited.

Adding to the awesomeness of the show was the fact that we had the BEST. SEATS. EVER. that weren't front row. We were right next to the speakers, and if she had done a few more head jerks, Tori's sweat could have landed on me. For once I could make out her entire face and tell what kind of make-up she was wearing, we were so close. When she sat at this one keyboard, it was almost like she was sitting right in front of my face. It was sweet, and she was gorgeous.

During the entire show, there was this girl, whose seat was down on the floor to our right (the stage was left), who stood up DANCING LIKE A FREAK the entire show. I don't know how anyone did not kill her...but Tori fans are pretty calm. There was probably silent hatred and they went home and penned an angry lyric to their favorite Tori tune. Anyway, she was POLE DANCING to songs that are the least pole-dance worthy songs imaginable. I think she had had one bottle of wine too many. Oh yeah, they were selling entire bottles of wine at the show.

I really hate when a show is over.


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