Sunday, August 07, 2005

Guess where I am right this second. I am sitting in the guest bedroom of Miss Laura, while she and her boyfriend slide her dog down that hallway. We've spent the night watching Cheaters, Elimidate when Constantine from American Idol was on it and he ws cute, Hooked Up, and something else. We watched a lot of what I like to call "Smut TV" tonight. Now it's time to go to bed, I think. WOOHOO!

This morning I was picking up some things from Rite Aid, and at the check-out counter, do you know what I saw? GARBAGE. PAIL. KIDS!!! GO! GO NOW TO YOUR NEAREST DRUG STORE AND BUY YOU SOME. I bought about 15 packs to bring with me so Laura, Ben and I could open them up together. There are some really nasty ones, but they're awesome.


At 17:52, Blogger Zannah said...

I'm so jealous!


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