Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tonight, J-unit said this to me:

"I was going to ask you in that thread how you were, but I didn't want you to feel like you had to post, so then I CNN'd your ass and found out you were ok."

Rarely do I feel so much love. SHE CNN'D MY ASS?! What have YOU done, internet?! HUH?!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tonight, Laura's Ben said this to me:

"one day im gonna read about you on the smoking gun: 'crazed fan approaches tori amos at her home. forces her to wear plaid skirt with fishnet stockings while doing splits between her piano and keyboard.'"

All this because I was listening to one of her songs... Sheesh! Can't a girl listen to music anymore without this kind of abuse?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

This week has been so crazy, y'all. I was so nervous about my schedule, and I probably will be until we really get rolling. However, the classes, for the most part, are going to be pretty good. Statistics isn't really worth mentioning yet. I don't think it ever will be. Lemme think...nope.

Even though the organic chemistry lectures have been boring so far, I'm still excited about the material. I changed chem labs yesterday because of a tip Karen, my lab partner, got from another of our friends. In our new lab, we don't have to have the $5000 book. (We don't have $5000 more on account of our already paying $20 billion for the rest of our books.) The professor for the new lab told his class that he doesn't want us to do more than we have to. I don't know what that means for our experiments, but I do understand that he never changes his quizzes from semester to semester. So either we're going to ace all of our quizzes, or Tuesday we're going to have an unwelcomed surprise.

My genetics class is going to be TOTALLY AWESOME! You remember my male nemesis of 2004? Well, his wife is my professor, and when compared to how he was the semester I hated him, they are like night and day. The other day when someone walked into class late, I was bracing myself for the backlash, but there was none. She just smiled and invited the student to find a seat and join us. But that isn't the reason why our class is going to rock. We are going to "clone" ourselves. We are going to extract our DNA and run experiments to find out what we are made of, what alleles we have for various genes, how they compare to other students, and what mutations we might have. If she can get the university to foot the bill, we are going to take a field trip to the criminalistics lab out of town for a conference. We are going to debate hot-button genetics issues. We're going to gargle saltwater and spit. We're going to put a strand of our DNA into a vile and put the vile on a string (free mom Christmas present!!). We're going to watch some movies. We have to write a research paper, but the possibilities are almost limitless. For example, she said that if we were CSI fans, we could watch the show and discover, along with lectures and projects, that that show really is scientific crap. Then we could write a paper about it. So we are basically going to get grades on spitting, making kindergarten-type mom gifts, watching TV, and waxing scientific about crime shows. HOW. AWESOME. IS THAT?! I wonder if we get extra points for scratching our butt.

I don't want y'all to feel overwhelmed by a really long post, so this is all for now. Trust me, more will come. The best is yet to come!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I've got so much to report about school, but I'm so tired, y'all. I will write up some crap tomorrow when I get out of classes.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Dear Santa,

For my birthday, I want a mini fridge full of coke and water in my room. Thank you.


P.S. You can throw in some fat, sweet, juicy red grapes, too, or do your little leprechauns not make those?

School starts today. I'm a little nervous. I think this is going to be a difficult semester because I don't know how the classes are going to be yet. Today, I only have the French class I'm auditing and the statistics class. I'm not at all worried about those. Tomorrow is when the big guns are pulled out. From 8:00 - 12:15, I have organic chemistry, genetics, and cell biology. I'll have a break until 14:00 when I have my o. chem lab until 17:00. I want to know right now what those classes will entail so I can be at ease. Also, I think I already said this, but Wednesdays from 11:00 - 17:00, I TA two physics labs. It's going to be a really busy semester. I'm freaking out to know assignments and test schedules and new professors.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I just want to say that it's been 24 hours since I've listened to a Tori song. I've been very addicted to the Wicked soundtrack since I finally bought it yesterday. There are a couple of songs that I think are stupid, but I have never seen the show nor read the book to know what exactly is going on. However, there are some songs that I absolutely love that give me the chills, and I must see this show. My mom says that we're going to New York later on this year. I guess she better make definite plans so I can work out getting some tickets.

I'm flying high defying gravity!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm a little sad that school starts Monday. I would love another week off to sleep in and do whatever my heart desires, but I'll have no such luck. My schedule is still a bit of a mess because I still need one more class, and I need to move another class to Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hopefully I can get all of my classes to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can have long weekends. I'm going to audit a French class that's Monday-Wednesday-Friday, but I don't have to be there all of the time and it doesn't start until noon. It's going to be good to take a French class again. We're going to study 19th century French Louisiana literature. I've never read any before, so it will be interesting. I AM going to be a teaching assistant for Physics. I'll get two classes on Wednesdays, and I get to grade a bunch of crap. I'm not going to complain too much. I need some gas money!

Speaking of gas...I went to fill up my car the other day, and it cost me 40 BUCKS! I had a little spat in my head where I screamed, "ENOUGH!" I'm going to buy a bicycle and ride it to school. I just did my taxes for last year, and I'll get a good chunk of change back. Then I will buy my bike. It's going to be so cute. I won't reveal yet what I'm going to buy. I'm already thinking of names.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Last night, Miss Laura lost her Tori Amos concert virginity in spectacular fashion when we went to Atlanta to see Tori Amos play. Y'all, it was my favorite show ever. It's hard to think that I could ask for a better show because she played some of my favorite songs that I have always wanted to hear that she rarely plays. I was freaking out, and Laura had no idea why I was so excited.

Adding to the awesomeness of the show was the fact that we had the BEST. SEATS. EVER. that weren't front row. We were right next to the speakers, and if she had done a few more head jerks, Tori's sweat could have landed on me. For once I could make out her entire face and tell what kind of make-up she was wearing, we were so close. When she sat at this one keyboard, it was almost like she was sitting right in front of my face. It was sweet, and she was gorgeous.

During the entire show, there was this girl, whose seat was down on the floor to our right (the stage was left), who stood up DANCING LIKE A FREAK the entire show. I don't know how anyone did not kill her...but Tori fans are pretty calm. There was probably silent hatred and they went home and penned an angry lyric to their favorite Tori tune. Anyway, she was POLE DANCING to songs that are the least pole-dance worthy songs imaginable. I think she had had one bottle of wine too many. Oh yeah, they were selling entire bottles of wine at the show.

I really hate when a show is over.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Guess where I am right this second. I am sitting in the guest bedroom of Miss Laura, while she and her boyfriend slide her dog down that hallway. We've spent the night watching Cheaters, Elimidate when Constantine from American Idol was on it and he ws cute, Hooked Up, and something else. We watched a lot of what I like to call "Smut TV" tonight. Now it's time to go to bed, I think. WOOHOO!

This morning I was picking up some things from Rite Aid, and at the check-out counter, do you know what I saw? GARBAGE. PAIL. KIDS!!! GO! GO NOW TO YOUR NEAREST DRUG STORE AND BUY YOU SOME. I bought about 15 packs to bring with me so Laura, Ben and I could open them up together. There are some really nasty ones, but they're awesome.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Dearest Jeff Francoeur,

I know we haven't known each other for very long (I think it's only been 20 games), but I need to tell you this: I think I'm in love with you. I know it's a hasty proclamation, and it goes against all of the rantings I have uttered in the past against fast relationships, but I cannot deny the feelings in my heart. The other night when you were standing on second base is when it happened. There was a close-up on your face, and a tear came to my eye (my right one). I thought, "He is the most beautiful player the Braves have seen in years (since Dale Murphy, my first true love), and he is an offensive superman." I knew then that it was love, baby.

Jeff, honey, even though I know that this feeling is love, I'm not sure that I'm ready to change my favorite number from 3 to 7. Be patient with me.

Love always,


P.S. You look so hott in those socks! RARRR!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Today, I finished that physics lab. I went to turn in my test, and the lab instuctor had a question for me. She asked me how I would like to be a teaching assistant for the Fall semester. Considering I would be getting paid in gas money and that it would be a good thing to put on a medical school application, I said, "I would like it just fine." I went to talk to the guy in charge to tell him that I would like to do such work, and he said that they have to wait for their budget to come in to know if they will actually have money to pay assistants.

The offer came as a shock to me because of the yesterday-mentioned shananigans and my lack of care once I found out that pulling off an A was ruined. However, I also mentioned that Gerald and I had the highest grades in the class (despite my A-lessness), so she must have seen something good in me. (Gerald was not asked to be an assistant, which surprised me. I mean, he's not going to be here anyway, but she doesn't know that. Why wasn't he asked? He's got the best grade in the class! It's weird, I tell you.) And I will be the TA for the first half of the physics sequence, which I totally rocked on. (Gravity, y'all...everybody experiences it.) My professor for that class likes me; I think he wants be an assistant. That's why my current professor offered the job to me.

It's pretty cool, I guess, but so weird. I'm going to have a school job that pays me GAS MONEY! A fill-up a week! (Free gas, y'all!)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

This term is going to be over on Friday. I cannot wait. This was possibly the worst class I've ever had to take. Today, I rejoiced as I handed in my final report on physics experiments. I will never have to do another one again. The thing I hated most about this section of physics is that the teacher isn't a very good one. He doesn't explain things very well. He glosses over them, actually, and he expects us to fill in the holes with out textbook reading. But guess what. The textbook doesn't explain concepts clearly either, so I am left there at a loss as to what in the world we are supposed to be doing. He talks about emf like it's something we should all be able to lecture on ourselves. The only thing I know about emf is that it is a one-hit wonder from the early 90s. You remember the song: The things you say, your purple prose just gives you away. The things you say; you're unbelievable. I have no idea what all of that means; it's about as clear as physics lectures.

A friend of mine, Gerald, is home from BYU for the Summer, and he has been taking the lecture and lab with me. We like to short circuit batteries when the teacher isn't looking, and she doesn't know why OUR batteries never have much juice in them. I can't believe she hasn't caught on with all of the shananigans we pull. Last week we were to measure radiation in the air, and we didn't want to just stand outside like dummies holding this machine. Instead, we stood in the middle of the road pointing the detector at on-coming cars. It was funny watching some of the drivers slow way down like a couple of kids on foot in street clothes were going to chase them down to give them a ticket or something. Or maybe the cars were slowing down because we were in the middle of the street. Our third lab partner, Stephanie, isn't quite sure what to think of us. She stood on the side of the road yelling/laughing at us. She always thinks we're going to get in trouble.

Stephanie hated some of my responses on my lab reports. See, all three of us turn in our reports, but the teacher only reads one of them randomly. Everyone in the group receives the same score. Many times we had to make predictions before testing an experiment, and after testing the experiment there was usually a question asking us if our prediction was the same as the outcome. She didn't think "Bingo" was a valid response to that question. I think it is perfectly fine. She would make disapproving remarks whenever she saw me write it on the paper. And she hated when I would rename Student 1 and Student 2 (There were little dialogs where the two "discussed" experiments and their hypotheses.) Grasshopper 1 and Grasshopper 2. She was sometimes a fuddy-duddy, but today when I was looking over her report to see what the teacher had corrected, I noticed that Stephanie had written "Bingo" as an answer, and the teacher didn't even count off for it. You are learning, Grasshopper.

I think the group that sits in front of us wants to lynch Gerald and me because we are so loud, and we are rarely doing anything that we should be doing (yet we have the highest grades in the class...odd...). I see them look back several times a day with disgusted faces. I can't help it if they suck. I don't think Gerald helps to win their good graces when he intentionally flicks his ruler over in their area multiple times per lab. And I'm not helping by laughing at it.

While I'm happy that the class ends in two days, I'm sad that I won't be taking anymore classes with Gerald. I finally had someone who was my intellectual equal in my class...and he's fun, too.