Thursday, July 07, 2005

I think it's funny how every school break I've had in the last year has been filled with cramming in a season or seasons of shows that are must-sees. I am a huge fan of 24, and I have friends who have never seen the show because their life only permits them one obsession, Alias. Christmas break, my friends and I spent the entire time watching the first three seasons of that show so that we could watch the coming fourth one, and some of these people had already seen the first three seasons. THE SHOW IS THAT GOOD!!! And it's so exciting to watch these series because they do everything they can to force adrenaline to course through your veins. And we CAN'T STOP WATCHING! We will watch all night long because they are so exciting.

And we all get on whacky sleep schedules, and our parents think we've been on all-night benders, and one of those parents is even WITH us! And my grandmother just knows that something evil is going to happen to me in the wee hours of the morning, and I'm all, "G-ma, I'm at BROUSSARDS'! I'm ALWAYS at Broussards'. I'm NEVER anywhere else because they have the big plasma-screen television, and it would be no fun to watch it anywhere else." And she responds, "Well, I'm just worried about what will happen to you on your way home." We live down the street from them, pretty much. And it's not down a country road where NO ONE will catch your crashed or high-jacked car until hours after incident. NO! We're in the city. Even though it would be in the middle of the night, there is enough traffic for my high-jacking to be reported almost immediately. There would be no worrying about where I was. You would know: "She was high-jacked! At least we found out quickly! I mean, what if we were in the country? It's possible that we wouldn't even know that she'd been high-jacked yet." NO! Because we're in the city, and they would know.

So I got all caught up on Alias over the Christmas break. This time it was my turn to share. We watched my beloved Jack Bauer save the country from certain annihilation. And he looks so dreamy in his bullet-proof vest. (Note to production: Kiefer should only wear jeans and a bullet vest on the show.) But we had to really pack in the episodes because one of my friends was only here for a couple days. So we stayed up 'til 4 AM three nights in a row to finish the season. It was exciting. I'm sick now. I start school again Friday. I have to get myself back on a normal sleep schedule. And I'm not doing too well with that right now since it's 2:20 AM as I'm writing this. I'm sure the next break will be spent watching the third season of 24, my personal favorite. There is a brutally hot terrorist, and Michelle shows everyone that Jack is not the only workhorse at CTU.


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