Sunday, July 31, 2005


I changed my template. I got tired of that very plain looking thing. You will notice that I also got rid of some of the junk on the sidebar. Who really cares about my weather geisha? Few ever signed the map, though I thank those who did. It was just clutter. Now that I've procrastinated a whole lot, I'm going to continue studying for my physics test I have tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tori Weekends 2.0 and 3.0 are going to be realities. I HAVE TICKETS!

8/8/05 Atlanta
9/2/05 Austin
9/3/05 Houston

Also, I am crazy!

When my physics professor told us today that North and South poles were fictional, I wanted to feign outrage at that statement because it would also mean that Santa was also fictional. I immediately had my prosecution planned out. I had stories of Christmas surprises, I had pictures with the man himself, I had video at my disposal. But I could have never executed my debate without laughing because it's so silly. That Santa myth was busted for me when I was about 8 years old, but who does the physics professor think he is ruining it for those who are still believers? I think I saw a guy in the corner shed a tear for innocence lost.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Some of you are going to think this is bizarre, but I don't care. I have a soft spot in my heart for Roy Orbison. I don't know why. My parents aren't fans. I remember his videos being played on Vh-1 almost constantly when the network first started, but I also remember thinking he reminded me of Ronnie Millsap, who freaks me out in the same way strangers dressed as Santa freak out many little kids. Plus Roy sang with the Travelling Willburys, a group that consisted of singers who can't sing, like Tom Petty and Bob Dylan and, I'm gonna say it, George Harrison. (Note: I am not saying that these people aren't good songwriters because THAT would be blasphemous. I'm saying they lack the ability to actually sing without making me want to cut out my eardrums and feed them to my dog.) So I don't know why I melt whenever I hear Roy Orbison sing when I have all of these other negative things connected to him. The other night I was in a restaurant with some friends, and one of his songs was being played over the speakers. I called for a reverential moment of silence. (Yes, that is probably redundant. Shut up!) Well, today, I went to Shreveport and was in Best Buy where I passed by some Roy Orbison CDs. I bought one. I've played it about 3 times now. I love him. And again, I can't explain why. But I'm left here alone, alone and crying, crying, CRYING, CRYING OHHHHHH VERRRRRRRRR HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM!

Tonight on the way back to Monroe from Shreveport, I was playing DJ with a friend's iPod. She has a lot of older and "world" stuff (The Gypsy Kings belong in that category of people who can't sing and the eardrums thing.) that I don't really care for on her iPod, but I did find a few songs that I love. It was funny because every song I chose has a memory tied to it, and I realised that I know a lot of songs by the music videos made for them. I found myself saying quite frequently, "I LOVE/HATE the video to this song," or "Yoko Ono is so ugly in this video. Wait...she never was a beauty," and it would be John Lennon's "Imagine" or "Watching the Wheels" or Maxie Priest's cover of "Wild World". The La's "There She Goes" makes me think of junior high and spending the afternoons at Mariah's house watching MTVs video countdown. And hearing that song makes me want to pull out my Dead Milkmen CD to listen to "Punkrock GIrl" which was also a popular video with "There She Goes". ABBA makes me pine for my friends from my freshman year of college. The Mamas and the Papas makes me want to take a roadtrip to anywhere but here. Tracy Chapman puts me back in my Camry on the way to San Francisco in 1996. And I DO NOT like Michael Jackson post-"BAD", and it's NOT because I've never been in a black gospel choir. It's because it sucks.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I finally finished Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince tonight. WOW! It was amazing!

Friday, July 15, 2005

My current university has the WORST library hours in the history of university library hours. If you know of a university library with worse hours, internet, you let me know. In the Summer our library closes at 10 PM in the evening Sunday through Thursday, 4:30 PM on Fridays, and 2 PM Saturdays. It's like they don't want anybody to study ever.

So there I was, sitting in the library, studying physics for a test that would be as easy as defining gravity, and staring at the back of a guy with a wooden leg named Smith (actually, I think it was titanium) when an announcement over the PA system notified us, "It is now 9:35. The ULM library will be closed in 25 minutes." I looked at my phone to synchronize my time with the library's so I would know when to leave. So I continued to study electric fields and capacitors, secretly wishing I weren't attending a pretend university.

Twenty minutes later, I started gathering my scraps of paper and physics-y type things. I took one more look at the back of the guy with the leg, and I left. I noticed as I was walking toward the library exit that there appeared to be no one else in the building. I pushed on the door, but I was jammed. The doors were locked...all of them. I thought, " of my dreams is coming true right this minute, and I have no desire to stay here all night and study TONIGHT!" (Haven't you ever wanted to be locked in a library all night to study? Am I a nerd?) I turned around, and saw the face of the guy with the leg. He said, "Oh no! Are we locked in?" When I answered in the affirmative, he said, "Well follow me. I know how to get out because I've been locked in before. It requires making the fire alarm go off, but no one ever answers it." So we were walking toward the exit, and he said, "Couldn't you just go for a long massage right now and some relaxation?" Stupidly, I just answered, "Yeah." MY ULTIMATE FANTASY COULD HAVE COME TRUE LAST NIGHT!!! A MAN...ME...AND AN EMPTY LIBRARY WITH OH SO MANY STACKS!!!

Being a good girl sometimes sucks. Sure he was missing a leg, but he was HOTT! When I got in my car, I felt like kicking myself, but it's hard to do while sitting inside my car. (Note to self: Go to the library more often at night. Sit on the first floor on the bayou side. Find pegleg. Get locked in. Repent. Also, you would never do this.)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

This [girl] is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Thanks to this schmuck I have just spent the last half-hour watching/listening to that Gwen Stefani video. I don't know why I've been doing this. There is no rational explanation. I have no idea what a "hollaback girl" is. I know a Hollaback family. And it's true that in that case, Gwen is not a Hollaback girl. I don't think that's what she means, though. I have no idea what this song is talking about. I have no idea why she cheers in the middle of the song. I have no idea why I'm watching this video...AGAIN...for the seventh time...

Lately, as I go about my blog reading, I see where someone has used the word "bananas" to mean something like "awesome". And I wonder where that came from. Who decided that bananas should have this meaning? So the other night, I was asking my friend Llew if she knew anything about this phenomenon. She googled it and found an entry at It says:

1. bananas
According to Gwen Stefani, bananas is what "this s***" is. Soon thereafter she informs us how to spell bananas.

Addicting? Yes.
Retarted? Perhaps.
Genius? Absolutely.
Orange County Spelling Bee:

Bee Man: Ms. Stefani, please give a definition and then spell "Bananas."

GS: This s*** is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Bee Man: Genius. Pure Genius. Give her the 1st place trophy right away. Ms. Stefani, you are the bananas.

I also learned from that entry that Carnegie-Mellon has a cheer where they spell out bananas, something that Stefani does in that song. (She's even wearing a tartan, which is not the beautiful CM tartan.) Bonnie, is that true? Leave a comment...I know you read this.

In better video news, Tori's video for Sweet the Sting was released yesterday. I wish I could dance the rumba.

I think it's funny how every school break I've had in the last year has been filled with cramming in a season or seasons of shows that are must-sees. I am a huge fan of 24, and I have friends who have never seen the show because their life only permits them one obsession, Alias. Christmas break, my friends and I spent the entire time watching the first three seasons of that show so that we could watch the coming fourth one, and some of these people had already seen the first three seasons. THE SHOW IS THAT GOOD!!! And it's so exciting to watch these series because they do everything they can to force adrenaline to course through your veins. And we CAN'T STOP WATCHING! We will watch all night long because they are so exciting.

And we all get on whacky sleep schedules, and our parents think we've been on all-night benders, and one of those parents is even WITH us! And my grandmother just knows that something evil is going to happen to me in the wee hours of the morning, and I'm all, "G-ma, I'm at BROUSSARDS'! I'm ALWAYS at Broussards'. I'm NEVER anywhere else because they have the big plasma-screen television, and it would be no fun to watch it anywhere else." And she responds, "Well, I'm just worried about what will happen to you on your way home." We live down the street from them, pretty much. And it's not down a country road where NO ONE will catch your crashed or high-jacked car until hours after incident. NO! We're in the city. Even though it would be in the middle of the night, there is enough traffic for my high-jacking to be reported almost immediately. There would be no worrying about where I was. You would know: "She was high-jacked! At least we found out quickly! I mean, what if we were in the country? It's possible that we wouldn't even know that she'd been high-jacked yet." NO! Because we're in the city, and they would know.

So I got all caught up on Alias over the Christmas break. This time it was my turn to share. We watched my beloved Jack Bauer save the country from certain annihilation. And he looks so dreamy in his bullet-proof vest. (Note to production: Kiefer should only wear jeans and a bullet vest on the show.) But we had to really pack in the episodes because one of my friends was only here for a couple days. So we stayed up 'til 4 AM three nights in a row to finish the season. It was exciting. I'm sick now. I start school again Friday. I have to get myself back on a normal sleep schedule. And I'm not doing too well with that right now since it's 2:20 AM as I'm writing this. I'm sure the next break will be spent watching the third season of 24, my personal favorite. There is a brutally hot terrorist, and Michelle shows everyone that Jack is not the only workhorse at CTU.

Friday, July 01, 2005

I got a fun hit on my site today. Someone reached my blog by searching (Yahoo! search) "unnecessary hip surgeries in kids". I am currently number seven in that search. After today, I will be number one. MWAHAHAHAHA! My quest for domination in all things has just gotten shorter.

Today, after my final (yessss!), I went to Michael's to buy some iron-on transfer printer paper so I can carry out my new calling in life...that of making my own t-shirts. I'm waiting on a shirt to dry right now so I can make my very conceited "It's so hard being this smart" tee. I'm so excited. I'm going to wear it on the first day of class when the next term starts one week from today. I think it's going to look pretty good.