Thursday, June 23, 2005

It's about time I blogged something of my goings to and doings of nouns. Trevor sends his greetings.

Tomorrow I will have survived three weeks of this four-week Summer term taking physics. This isn't extremely difficult in a brainpower sense. It's going to be an EZ A.The hard part is not making energy work in such a way as to blow up all of the dumb people in the class, which would annihilate the entire class, excluding myself and the professor, thus causing the overall IQ of the campus to make a huge jump in the positive direction. Surely anyone who has lived 18 years and doesn't have a firm grasp on what gravity does could be eliminated from the gene pool without ado. I dare say that they SHOULD be so eliminated.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I just realised that I haven't written about my high school reunion that was two weeks ago! I know that I don't really have the right to complain about it because I did zero to help out with it, but all I have to says is IT WAS AT A BAR! You know, some people have an ice-breaker, a family event like a picnic, AND the big shin-dig. I think that's pretty standard. Okay...the ice-breaker might be pushing it. Anyway...we were supposed to have a picnic, but that got cancelled about a week before the reunion was to take place. Apparently the cancellation was due to lack of interest. All I have to say is IT WAS GOING TO BE AT A BAR! It wasn't at just any bar. NO! It was at the high-school-hang-out bar. The place we ALL went to illegally in high school (because the drinking age was 18 back then [I don't/didn't drink] and everyone had a friend who worked at a bar) was the site of our 10-11 year class reunion. (It was my class' 11th year.) The ONLY reasons I went are because my friends, Michael and Tara, forced me, and Amy and Jeremy swore that they were coming. Let it be known that I DID NOT WANT TO PAY 30, YES 30, DOLLARS TO SIT MISERABLY IN A BAR WATCHING DRUNK PEOPLE. We were supposed to get dinner and drinks. Well, we got ONE drink that was given to us when we gave the bar the ticket we got at the door. I promptly gave my ticket to Michael since I don't drink. Dinner was fish out on the patio that was there for ONE HOUR, so anyone arriving after 8:00 only got ONE DRINK for their $30. People got blasted shortly after arriving. It was awful. As you can see, there were many beer bottles around, and the current cheerleaders were allowed inside to do favorite cheers, "Tiger Rag" and lead us in our Alma Mater.

The only people I wanted to talk to were Michael and Tara, and I talk to them everyday. Rebecca, resembling Anna Nicole Smith, showed up with her lover who is married and has kids with someone else. UGH! That absolutely disgusts me. A lot of drunk people approached me to breathe and drool on me. It was amusing for a little bit. I swear to God, Michael and Tara Brown, I WILL NOT GO TO 20! WILL. NOT!

The only thing that truly impressed me about all of those people and everything that we had done in the 10-11 previous years, is that one girl from my class, Currie, just graduated from medical school number one in her class. I was so amazed by that...not amazed that SHE did it, because she was a good honors student in high school, but amazed that she worked so hard for the last few years to come out on top. It's impressive. I was surprised to see her at the reunion because she lives in Ohio, so I sought her out to congratulate her. If there was anything good about that night, it was that news.

Jeremy and Amy never showed up to the reunion, and I saw on the list that Amy had paid her 30 bucks. She's dead to me!

It was awful.

Okay...there was a strange and amusing couple there. The guy is um...slow...ish, quiet, unsociable, um...and some other stuff, too. He was in my class ('94). The girl he was with...Tara's little brother started high school the year we graduated, so that makes him class of '98...this girl is younger than Tara's brother. And she acted like she's still 17. She got wasted, and she was running all over the place. It was HILARIOUS watching him chase after her, always searching for her. When he'd find her, he'd say something serious to her, showing his possessiveness, and she'd wrap her arms around him and give him a big, wet kiss on the face. The end of every kiss was like the starting gun of a race because as soon as it ended, SHE. WAS. GONE. We had a big, ole time watching that scene. And it never got old. We cracked up watching those two.

And there is one guy I stared at almost every time I wasn't watching the crazy couple. I have no idea what his name is, but HE. IS. FINE! Mrs. Wilcox, you have to help me out. I'm going to post his picture, and I want you to tell me his name. I can't find him in the yearbook, but I know he was there and that he was class of '95. Oh NO! I can only find two pics of him, and he looks awful in one, and the other is a profile shot. I swear, y'all. He was HOTT! Not the weird-faced goober he is here. (That girl was in the class under mine. She's married to the guy at the bar behind her on her left. He was our student body president our senior year. Those two have been together since the ark.) I almost got busted a jillion times staring at him. Michael caught me staring at him pretty often, and he kept threatening to call him over. Michael got pretty drunk, and he started talking about him loudly and pointing at him. The guy DID see him do that, and I was waiting for him to ask Michael what the big secret was. But he didn't and my face went back to its normal shade of rosey. But I really do want to know his name.

So...okay...that's enough for tonight. I love Blogger with a Mac. I get to put in pictures in different places and wrap text around them. it's so much better! I love Trevor!


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