Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I miss the mountains. I was leaving class this morning, and I looked up past the trees and saw a large, dark mound of a cloud over them. My mind accepted this as a mountain. I walked for about 10 more seconds before the reality came to my mind, "There are no mountains here!" I looked back up, and it was indeed a big, ugly cloud.

Also, I hear it's snowing in the mountains of Utah today. I'm severely jealous. My geisha over there mocks me when she shows me how effing hot it is here (Today appears to be an exception. We've had a bit of a "cool" front come through.), but I won't gripe too much because I'm on vacation this week, which includes a private pool. And if it were snowing in the non-mountains here, that little amenity would be wasted.

Yesterday, my car past 150,000 miles.


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