Sunday, June 05, 2005

I am currently on vacation. And by vacation, I mean that I am house-sitting for some friends who have a very large house with a very large, flat-screened television and a swimming pool. I don't have the stress of possibly pissing my g-ma off because I come home too late. I don't have to make my bed. I don't have to do anything for anybody except myself. I don't have to talk to people unless I want to. I don't have to answer the phone. I can sleep without being bothered. I don't have to eat what people fix for me. I can eat all of the peanut butter Cap'n Crunch I can stand. Breakfast: PB Cap'n Crunch, Lunch: PB Cap'n Crunch, Snack: PB Cap'n Crunch, Dinner: PB Cap'n Crunch. At night it is dark, no one is here, and there is a pool in the backyard. Do you know what this means? Do you? Imaginez un peu! Oh, yes...I do!

I've spent so much time in the pool that my hair is shot to hell. I have no idea what I will have to do to get it back into good shape. It feels so rough and unruly. That is an issue I will address when I go see Scott this week. He's going to bleach out my hair and color it a lighter, brighter red. I am so excited that I can hardly stand it.

Another drawback, which will later be a bonus, to spending so much time in the pool is the extra-warm, pink skin I have right now. I am so white that I cannot bring myself to wearing anything but long pants, and we're in the middle of a Louisiana summer, people!

There is one more thing that is not so great about being in the pool for extended periods of time. I smell like the pool. It doesn't matter how much or how long I shower or what I use to bathe myself; I still smell like the pool water.

I will be on vacation until Saturday.


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