Monday, June 06, 2005

A couple weeks ago, I was looking online at Macs, specifically at iBooks, when my dad walked into the room and asked, "What's that?" I said, "It's the Apple iBook that I want." He asked me why I want a Mac, and so I proceeded to list the hun'erds of reasons why I want one, namely, an outstanding protection and care plan, they sport superior hardware, there are few viruses for Macs (Yes, I know that there are more created everyday, but that is why there is the unbeatable protection and care plan.), I can buy software that is compatible with PCs in case I ever have to send files to other people (software that I'm already familiar with), and friends who have had their ONE Mac for SEVEN years or more say that it still runs like it did the first day they bought it.

So last night, about two weeks after the initial conversation and without bringing up the computer, my dad approached me and asked me how much I needed to buy my iBook. I told him and then said that the Apple guy who had called me when he noticed that I was looking at the iBook (SPIES! Seriously, how did he know that I was looking at the iBook, and how did he know to call my number?! Big brother, y'all, at the Apple place!) was going to give me a $100 discount on top of my educational discount. My dad said, "Okay." Notice that I never said, "Daddy, I love you. You are the best daddy in the whole, wide world, and I want this," (He IS the best daddy in the whole, wide world, just so you know.)in that whiny, will-you-buy-this-for-me tone. I wasn't even planning on him walking into my online window-shopping session. (Hoping? Of course!) So, maybe I'll be getting it soon afterall. I don't know, though. They're so expensive. I AM already thinking about baby names for it.


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